Friday, October 25, 2013

Why Wish Your Life Away?

Are two twigs in the hand
worth the green from the bush,
I just wonder this
as through life we push
to get ahead,
go over the hill,
keep on running
we have lost our leaves
and there’s no energy reserve
stored up our sleeves!

So what is the answer
through the dying days,
do we cling to life
or wish ‘to pass’
over the hill
to the greener grass.

When I have a question
and an answer I seek,
I look to nature
and the cycles we see,
I look to leaves
and I look to trees,
I see the sun rise most every day
and I know if it’s cloudy
it has not gone away……
In its’ own time,
in a timely manner,
the sun shines again
and we harvest our yields
the grass becomes greener
in most every field.

And there are days
when nature displays
hard mountains
and hail,
floods and wind gusts,
but what comes through
these twists,
or bushfires and fear,
is the truth
that brotherhood is ever near.

There are helpers
and healers,
fundraisers and dealers
who rally around
to bring strength to bond,
so when I say nature answers each time
it is because our truth
is, we are all One……
What also comes to uplift our spirits
is human nature,
and the nudge of a horse or hound
or a bird on the twig,
there is life to greet
and if you lie,
‘wishing each day to die in your sleep’,
good heavens may open and your soul to keep,
or you may wake up
each morning, each day
and look out the window
and gratefully say………

“I am here in this moment
this life that is mine,
some have ‘passed over’ this day
so here am I,
for each hour,
each sunrise I see,
I am happy to stay
to witness the ebbs,
to witness the flows
and certainly know
in time I will go
but that is our story
our mystery
our glory,
to fade after flowering,
to wilt in the heat,
to slow-grow in the cold
or to Love and behold,
‘to wait my time’
to the fullness,
to love everybody
as if each day is our last,
to welcome the new
and release the past…….”

When we give up
the need to know
why things are
the way they are,
we will come to understand
that we do not need to know!!

When you have accepted
that some mysteries
are indeed most acceptable…….
Then the answers come,
from where they are now.

(Written on October 24, 2013 as I picked two ‘fern-like’ shaped Twigs of the Nandina, Japanese Sacred Bamboo.

To me these ornamental twigs have a unique beauty, as do these earlier stems which held sprays of beautiful cream flowers……… just as the last years, or days, of our earthly life are as equally precious, a sacred gift, as are the earliest ones.)

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