Wednesday, October 16, 2013

You Can Imagine How Happy I Was

You can imagine
how happy I was
to find you blooming here
your roots are crowded
and so is your crown
and blooming now
in this little town,
is a long, long way
from your favoured place
with rainforests, heat and no frost at all
but here you are growing tall…….

Your tones of yellow are creamy and golden
and the honeyeaters love you
like I do,
so every year I welcome you,
if only one flower comes to bloom
in my meditation corner, of the garden room.
And whatever your message to me today
I will listen now, to what you say……..

Go forward, not back,
no need
to venture yet along that track.
Keep writing, keep typing
and blogging new posts
and focus on ones
you value the most……
I will probably agree,
that ‘Fully Faithfully”,
needs more momentum
with this content to grow
as a Blogspot that many will visit,
and show
there’s an interest
in writing the thoughts of some plants,
or hoping you’ll come
to further enhance
the acceptance of nature spirits,
as this,
is for only a few,
but we know you value all that we do……
So Bee is it time?
to let this just sit?
You post to blogs:
Come Blossom Come Fruit
and Pink Love Shining,
each day or two,
so we will bring
new messages to you.

(Written on October 14, 2013 with Native Frangipani flowers: Hymenosporum flavum)

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