Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Breathing Pink

Sitting now, you hear the wind,
the old past blowing
the new times coming.

Ring the bells, release the old,
use your talents and your hours
sharing simple words from us,
as you listen to
the songs we are singing you.

Lighter, lighter
brighter, brighter,
clearer nearer,
more to hear,
much more coming, becoming clear.
Release, surrender
start your new,
inside out and surely true.

We’re always growing,
it’s only change,
we are here to grow and re-arrange
anything which no longer serves us
releasing softly,
life supports us.

Breathing pink, glorious pink,
with breath after breath of pinking-in
your life will brighten,
as the clouds go and seeing pink will truly show
that all around, above, below
angel smiles have a heavenly glow.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Seeing The Flower

Tree-Mallow Flower
I found this little flower
and followed the training of 'Memory Culture'
by just painting quickly 
with my brushes
there on the paper
was a three minute view
of my looking through 
'the look' 
to really 'see'
what was there in front of me.

William Walker Atkinson
published a little book in 1903
which leads the reader to perceive
more with the eye than normally.
He says that "the majority
of people 'look at' rather than 'see' things"
so I decided to bring
to you, my first quick painting.

(I love this little red book called "Memory Culture", published in 1903 by The Psychic Research Company, Chicago,  Illinois, USA. Most likely the book is Out Of Print.)


The Garden Seat
The Lichen on the Timber Seat
The Lichen Forest growing on the Timber
Looking at the garden seat
at the timber
at the lichen seated on the timber
at the forest in the lichen.
Whatever else will I see
if I look closely
at all there is in front of me.

When there is a wider picture
let me look within the frame
and then I will look again
to find there's more
than I was looking for
and what beauty
there is to see
when I look closely
to the essence
there will be
all the blessings.

Lichen leads us
into the light
to leave the darkness
and see what's bright.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Seeing The Essence

I like leaves and lichen
the bark of trees
watching bees and if you please
picnicking with just an apple
while I am sitting on a grassy knoll
and resting briefly from the stroll
through the forest, or on the trail
what I see in front of me
is the treasure of the find
feather, pebble or photograph
and now I have been told
to bring my little sketchbook too
as a simple drawing
becomes my breakthrough
into storing
if you please.

I say ‘if you please’,
as I feel I need helpers to
teach me drawing
so that I will do
something worth showing you.
But that is not what I need
never worry about the others
draw for nature and all the Devas
bring your gentle eyes to see
all that is hidden generally
from those who rush through life
and miss the lichen or the feathers
never, ever, looking down
at a close-up study of what’s around.

We think every grain of sand
is the same as every other
but is it so, I do wonder.
Every leaf is not the same
and every feather knows it came
from it’s own bird, passing by
and the pattern there does not lie.
Each feather landed where it is
as things come from where they Be
and finding them is a treat
and drawing them helps you see.

Draw anything and do it quickly,
or look closely
and then look away
and use your memory to display
a little image of how it was
in the instant of the sketch,
and if it looks not like what others see
that does not matter materially
as the exercise is to observe
and with your eye
perceive what’s new
not to the object, but to your view.

Every way we look at things
brings us something to begin
to understand a different way
and a close-up from a study
simplifies what the eyes do see,
as it has detail with every view
so sketch the essence coming through.

Look at life and yourself
see what’s new, that always was,
and see how you
can look right through
to the essence of the moment,
what is it here to show,
what do you See
what do you know.
Will you ever be your Self,
is your essence in the heart of you
what others see, or what you do.
Will you ever be yourself
will you just simply Be
who you are for all to see.

Oh, what joy we all would feel
if we were true
and looked the same in every sketch
just a simple Being
with a certain smile
and all the day and every-while
we know we are loved
and we simply follow all the signs along our path
to live in clarity and live with heart.

So I will take my sketchbook now
and look for me
and see just how I picture in the pencil view,
will I paint myself in iridescent hues.
Whatever way I live my day
may it be in truth and light
with some play and honesty,
may nature spirits dance with me.

(Written on the Autumn Equinox, March 21, 2014)

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Story of Serendipity

Yes life is changing now
a ‘woolly fella’ has followed me
and now he’s here
most happily
in a welcoming home with love and fun
and children playing,
bushland walks and gardens to explore,
he certainly asks for nothing more.

I had just driven back from interstate,
journeying with my Poppy’s Spirit,
visiting ‘our oval’ and every wetland along the way
in remembrance of her each driving day.

Then I was home again
and I yearned to nurture an animal friend,
when I heard Spirit calling
in the middle of the day
look for him, you both need play.”

Following the call………
I was keen to ‘up and go’
to see what Spirit had to show,
so off I went ‘in the flow’.

There is much serendipity
in my daily life
and I am so grateful how he came to be,
how I left my desk immediately
and drove quite far
to where he was,
just arriving,
at the animal shelter,
so as I got there
he was wondering what and where?

Perhaps, I thought I was guided there
to maybe walk a Foxy-cross,
who was ‘on hold’, for someone else.

But, we were there to meet each other
as he was like a forlorn child,
being cuddled by a volunteer
and ‘surrendered’ there
for adoption
‘I saw him’ and took that option.
So, instead I walked this small dog down the track
and neither of us will ever look back.

Straight away,
he’s in my car, riding home,
I give him a happier name
so now he’s “Smiley”, with a soft lick-lick,
sturdy and gentle,
just shadowing me,
“there is no order of difficulty
in miracles”.

I am happy to share my comfort and Love,
a peaceful home for both of us
and contentment in our unity,
we are where we are
and we are meant to Be.

This happy story is about being open to an opportunity, without any expectation of how the miracle will be presented to me.
And it unfolded and happened with very much spontaneity.
And indeed serendipity.

Believe it or not, several years ago, when Poppy and I were journeying the same interstate route and I was learning acoustic guitar, at every ‘off-road stop’, I found a guitar pick!!!!!!! Astounding and I was just so very amazed……………
Along the highway, I found a guitar pick on the grass, at the oval, in a very small country town. That was a Bart Simpson pick!!!
Two hours later I found a dirty orange pick on the bitumen at a roadhouse. It was looking like it had been run over, but I was delighted to find it!!! 
Then over the border, several more hours later, I was walking Poppy through the wetlands, and there on the sand, was a dull black USA guitar pick, with a fading,embossed walking tortoise on it.!!   Yes Truly.

At the time I had my Nashville guitar, in the car, but I was feeling that it would be a long haul, before I would ever come to play the songs I liked. These three signs inspired me to continue the learning, to follow my yearning.

It is now four years after the pick discoveries. On this interstate trip, I stopped at the same sentimental, off road, doggy walk places with a prayer in my heart and an openness to finding another pilgrim dog friend?
The ‘spirit signs’ of a coming miracle, came not with guitar picks, but with feathers. A variety of feathers, one in each place I stopped for a roadside rest. Some were at the same highway places I always visit!!!!

“There is no order of difficulties in miracles” A Course In Miracles

Sunday, March 9, 2014

For All My Dogs Gone Before

Tyke and Shiloh in his Summer Coat

For all my dogs gone before
I love you each as much
as all the days we did explore
with all about us ever changing
but still the constant love remaining.

For Timmy 1, Timmy 2 and 3
for our sorrowful loss
as each of you went suddenly,

Then through the tears
I played with Chips
and the little stray we called Lick-Lick.
Finally, my brother and I bought a one dollar pup,
a loyal hero called Cobber,
he totally bonded with my Dad
and that is the best life our dog could have.

So there were Fox Terriers and the Border Collie,
and later in my family
a friendly Sheltie pedigree.
Tyke lived a long and traumatic life,
with all that hair in the hot north west ,
the bull-ants nest,
then stung by a swarm of bees,
stolen in a capital city, so lost for three long weeks.
Finally found by nurses, near a railway line
and thankfully nurtured back to health,
the inquisitive Shetland Sheepdog with his active life
after all the trials he’d seen
he lived until he was sixteen.

I would always seek to pat a ‘Wally’
as I dwelled in rental property
where no pet dogs lived with me.
Then I went to reside in the countryside.
I adopted Shiloh the Afghan Hound,
who came when he was nine
sharing gentle years until he died.

Then I was adopting dogs who needed care
and I was willing to share
my heart with each of them
until the breeding greyhound found me
and we were happy as can be
but she, was only lent to me.

There is a story with enormous spirit
and one day I will bring you to it…
with those tears I have cried
there is always Simba by my side
and the Angus steers that were
running with her
but they could not keep up the pace
as she took off on a rabbit chase.

Then joy and sorrow so intense
the grief I still feel today
very deep inside my cells
the saddest story I could tell.
The steers were there on the next day
when I walked back down the bush track
carrying flowers for her,
and sobbing loudly in my grief
until the steers came to the fence
and walked along all the way
until we came to the grassy spot
where I stood there
and they held their heads over the fence
and leant to me, big bulls indeed,
they very clearly felt my need.

Later I adopted a young retired greyhound
who had led a stressful life
and she settled quietly with me
and I simply called her Lovely.

For every friend I loved and lost
I planted flowers and shrubbery,
I created dog tag jewelry,
With all the farewell partings
still some sadness deeply dwells
weeping, weeping, fills the wells.

Eventually I bought a smaller breed,
a little greyhound without fear
of fireworks or thunderstorms
and she became my longtime friend
with a most remarkable bond
so deeply loving and  further along.
You will notice my writings for her
on many pages since September,
my dearest friend I will remember.

With all my dogs I have always loved,
there have been signs that drew me to them
and the love has always been
to the deepest heart,  and the warmest spirit
and the unconditional love within it.

I have included Simba's Story here on Come Blossom Come Fruit, it is the previous post called Sometimes The End Comes At The Beginning.  I wrote it the day after todays post!
So sometimes the detail leads the story outline.

These sharings have been healing for me, and helped me take a deep breath of life again.

I am always mindful of the healing presence of companion animals and I have deepest gratitude for all their times in my life, and thankfully for their play and the humour they bring to our days.