Saturday, March 22, 2014

Seeing The Flower

Tree-Mallow Flower
I found this little flower
and followed the training of 'Memory Culture'
by just painting quickly 
with my brushes
there on the paper
was a three minute view
of my looking through 
'the look' 
to really 'see'
what was there in front of me.

William Walker Atkinson
published a little book in 1903
which leads the reader to perceive
more with the eye than normally.
He says that "the majority
of people 'look at' rather than 'see' things"
so I decided to bring
to you, my first quick painting.

(I love this little red book called "Memory Culture", published in 1903 by The Psychic Research Company, Chicago,  Illinois, USA. Most likely the book is Out Of Print.)

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