Friday, June 23, 2023

The Cloud Of Forgetting

We dream with the ears
we dream with the tears
and through the years
we feel the toxic shame that came
and we learn again
as through the centuries,
it comes so it does
to go where it must,
and it is up to us to trust
it is not ours to keep,
so we must let it go,
and sleep the long sleep in peace.
After the longest drive through life,
we arrive in a safe place of grace
Surrendering all to pure hope and Love.
there is peace beneath the shame that came
and joy shines in to bring the cloud of forgetting.

Written on the Winter Solstice June 22, 2023


Monday, June 12, 2023


"That is the Introspective Process - 
If we are true to our feelings
we will be rewarded with an Insight, that will help us live."
Mark Nepo - Poet and Philosopher

Sunday, June 11, 2023


I put your photos in a very safe place
but when I went to see your face again
you were hiding, as you always were,
and I was waiting,
as I always was for you to reappear.

At sometime, 
I placed you for safe-keeping in a book,
so I have been looking.
But which one? I have thousands.
I remember choosing a favorite book.
It was one I thought I would take with me.
Somehow the lost are found,
we will wait and see.

Photo: Dumbo Feather online newsletter 31/3/2023


Friday, June 2, 2023

And So My Precious

We healed our hearts
when we touched our deepest pain,
and Yes, Dear Love, 
in another world we will met again.
You just keep slowly breathing in
in the hope to come
one day the breath will fade
and where you land will be safe,
and the faces looking deeply into you
will accept the life you walked this time,
and love and holding hands will bring
the peace you searched for all along
the pebbled ways you traveled on.
And so My Precious, now I let you go
it was the way we trod upon,
it was the sky above that lead us on,
it was the flowers and the autumn leaves,
it was the breath of life from every tree,
it was our love of gentleness and gratitude,
now you and me, may truly see.

For a time we lost ourselves, 
but in the final years we found
the silent places of sacred ground
and strength of heart to let go,
to free-fall from within,
to see brighter lights behind the veil
where graceful healing angels sail.

(Written April 29, 2023)