Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Purples Ones

I feel touched,
tender and true.
I see you.
I see we
are all one in this world,
so let us be
the courageous ones,
rising high
bringing compassion
into a purple sky.

Having awareness,
caring in ways
to change
your fear with my love,
to change
their fear with our love,
to simple be
a courageous community.
Breathe softly.
You will hear the call.
Bring your Gifts for all.

(Written with wildflower
 Purple Loosestrife
on February 1, 2018)
- oOo - 

Glorious Morning Glory

I see your beauty
greeting me,
I adore this colour
inspiring me.
I know you usually bloom 
within the many,
but here in my garden
you, sweet flower,
are the only one
to glow before the rising sun.
You sleep in the afternoon,
but I wonder
if you will sight
 the super-blue blood-moon
in the southern sky tonight.
-oOo -


Tuesday, January 30, 2018

So Beautiful

'For Beauty is the worship
Nature offers
to the supreme Master of the universe.'

- The Mother - 

In her book "Flowers and their Messages'
The Mother
writes of Ipomoea acuminata
Morning Glory, blue dawn flower,
as meaning

'Artistic Taste -
Pleased with beautiful things,
it is itself beautiful.' 

Sri Aurobindo Ashram,
 Pondicherry, India 1973

- oOo -

Monday, January 29, 2018

Seeds of Light

When in the stillness
all is still
any movement enters.

Maybe it is a breeze
over the seas of thought,
a wind comes up
over the shifting sands,
someone speaks of other lands,
a ripple widens in a pond,
we wonder do we still belong?

Is this the day
our life may change,
will we re-arrange?
What is there
coming closer,
that may make everything

We are all one
in different places
and different spaces,
different lands
and changing plans.
But still
we are the Earth Community,
in together.

With an open and whole-heart
we can all start
to catch the soft breeze
and spread our healing seeds.

Let us
be like golden dandelions
sharing our Seeds of Light

- 88888 -

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Chicory Mystery

Hello Chicory.
What a hot day it is
and I see you blooming
two new flowers on the same old stem,
that two days ago I pictured here
the blooms now invisible........then,
so today I am intrigued
you have created further mystery,
now, 14 petals to each flower,
do you add them by the hour????

Every herb book I do browse,
gives a clue
are unusual.

Goodness me,
I will see
what tomorrows bloom
will show me.
 - ???? -

This is a full resolution, uncropped photo
taken this morning. 
It shows the smaller bloom
 lower on the stem
of the same one plant.
14 petals on this flower too.

I ask You?


Thursday, January 25, 2018


Chicory, is it true,
you bring resilience
and invisibility too.
I found you by the roadside,
I loved your colour blue,
your petals differ on some flowers
which kept me counting
from bloom to bloom
why one or two had left the room?

As afternoon comes
you change and leave,
wither on the stalk,
disappear, to come again

- ???? - 

4 separate flowers,
carrying 3 differently numbered petals:

so it seems 13 is true,
but one or two
bloomed with 11 or 12.

 Nature has her mysteries.

'Constant change is the truth of existence'
- Sharon Salzberg -

- oOo -