Monday, August 6, 2012

Where To From Here God?

I follow you now
through the fragrance I feel
which calls to my senses
as clear as a picture,
as sweet as this flower,
cherish your life, live every hour.

Let go of the past you must walk on,
go through the groves of growing tall trees
 just look in the woods near and far
and stay under my heavenly star.

Be who you are,
be you clear and true.
Be higher than clouds
and deeper than pain.......
go inside yourself and come out again.
Come out light and clear,
brightly shining for all,
you have much to give by sharing your call.
Write from your heart,
let old longings go,
go deep inside so feelings do show
there is much to this life
as you write with joy to uplift and delight.

Writing is where you'll walk in this world,
filling your boots with the stories of earth,
listen to birds and cherish their mirth.
Oh yes you are here,
the beginning to start
to write with glad-song and share with your heart,
to be fully faithful to the old soul within,
that's where to start and where to begin.

From seed to seedling,
from plant to shrub,
from greenery to taller trees high above......
from valley to plain and higher again
from hilltop to mountain,
melting ice down the slope,
water in fountain restoring all hope.

Yes write clear and simply,
write short and sweet,
share with others you will meet.
Keep true and faithful,
clear health and kind heart,
Oh this is the day I want you to start.....
and keep humming songs,
there is much for you to bring focus upon.

Keep joy in your heart
and breathe deeply to sky,
all that you hear and all we will say
is coming to you
you are blessed and brave
for giving your heart and listening to soul,
for doing your best to stay centred and whole.
Whole in your heart and strong in your step,
your life is soon leaping over the depths
and onward and higher and lighter and brighter,
the heart will be happy, the blood will be clean
and helpers are many but mostly unseen.
So sing like a bird,
the blue skies will shine
and your life is improving all of the time.

Never look back
those old times have passed,
you are living with joy and breathing at last.
You are smiling within and smiling to sky,
you are fully faithful and true
with the light shining high.
The burdens will ease,
the song will be sung,
play music and dance new life has begun……
Write for yourself and write just to share,
you’ll know the difference,
no difference is there!
We are one in this wide world,
we are one as above
and all we need to live better
is clear light and warm love.
So go forth
to enjoy delights near and far,
fully faithful just being who you are.
(Written July 14th, 2012)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

The First Season Of This Life

Hello Dear Friends,
Well I am here again to continue the writing
from my first post a few days ago.
I said I would share some more details with you,
as to my own mystical revelation with the answer to my question:

What is the secret longing of my heart?

The answer is sitting beside you all your life.

It is inside you. It leads you into every lesson.   
It is why you have all the specific life experiences.
It is why I have had my own challenging life experiences until now.....
the subtle, and not so subtle, repeating patterns,
the abandonment, the grief, the yearning, the longing,
the ‘way too often’ self-sacrificing, the pleasing,
the confrontations, the abuse, the rejection,
the need for recognition and acceptance,
the always feeling misunderstood,
and the never disclosing or sharing
the secret about my real feelings.

My personal quest and my spiritual pathway seemed to open
through my ‘Very Deep Wells Of Sadness’.
The deep sadness, no matter where or when,
the yearning and longing, has been my deepest feeling.

I am clairsentient and clairaudient,
as I have been asking for directions and seeking
the light on the path for so long,
all the while waiting and listening for guidance……
For me, in my experience with deep loss and grief,
I received this gift to heal my spirit.
I am sustained by visions and lucid dreams,
or phrases and inspirational answers
which come streaming into my consciousness as verses.
Well to continue ……

The secret is the seed planted in the first season of this life.
Our secret mission is to realize that we know the answers.
Every path leads to the beginning.
“It all starts humming in the egg” ……
“The secret of life is that there is no secret.”

What you feel the deepest, is your gift to share with others.
What you keep as your secret is why you were born in this lifetime.
It is the clue.
It is the motivator.
It is what you hear yourself, telling yourself for years and years.
You have to look outside yourself to find it.
You look away,
then turn your head to view your life again, and there you are.

Let all pain go.
Be willing to forgive everything.
Trust in your life process to be guided and have the faith and belief that it is.

Dear God, I give this day to you……
There is a divine plan. All is One.
Like a lucid dream… the answer comes.

Anyway the answer comes from your childhood feelings,
and I believe it will be a positive and resounding resonance,
which will surely gladden your heart.

I wrote myself the following question expressed as a wish…..

I wish to find and fully express the secret longing of my heart?

And there in lies my answer.
Three very lucid words came to me 8 days later
as I awakened at dawn…

Be Fully Expressive

Yes I knew it all along…I even put my answer in my question!!

Ask and you shall receive…….

Love Bee xo

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Come Blossom Come Fruit

Come Blossom Come Fruit
Yes this title is ripe for the picking.
I am ripe for the picking.

Today I had THE mystical revelation of my life to date.

Ten weeks ago, in yet another ‘dark night of my soul’,
I asked myself the deep question.......
What is the secret longing of my heart?

And today I know.

The answer came with the winter dawn, in the full moon morning.

I see the light on the path.
And it is the Law of Paradox which is so illuminating.
So I will tell you sometime soon…….

My experiences have now led me to the soft path
through the orchard and it is harvest time.
I am here to share my intuitive and uplifting verses,
as they come to me,
as mystical interpretations
on the seasons of nature and the journey of life.

What if life was truly a parable?
You sit and ponder
as you reach your golden years,
when wisdom is blossoming all around,
and you are waiting for your harvest.
And all those searching times,
of needing to know why things are the way they are,
may be an endless circuit,
and the wisdom comes
when we are content to release all those needs,
and just be open to the whispers of the wind.
We are then quietly listening
in the presence of time,
and in the fullness of time
we hear the melody of life singing.

Life’s questions are answered by your soul within.

So please read on……