Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Come Blossom Come Fruit

Come Blossom Come Fruit
Yes this title is ripe for the picking.
I am ripe for the picking.

Today I had THE mystical revelation of my life to date.

Ten weeks ago, in yet another ‘dark night of my soul’,
I asked myself the deep question.......
What is the secret longing of my heart?

And today I know.

The answer came with the winter dawn, in the full moon morning.

I see the light on the path.
And it is the Law of Paradox which is so illuminating.
So I will tell you sometime soon…….

My experiences have now led me to the soft path
through the orchard and it is harvest time.
I am here to share my intuitive and uplifting verses,
as they come to me,
as mystical interpretations
on the seasons of nature and the journey of life.

What if life was truly a parable?
You sit and ponder
as you reach your golden years,
when wisdom is blossoming all around,
and you are waiting for your harvest.
And all those searching times,
of needing to know why things are the way they are,
may be an endless circuit,
and the wisdom comes
when we are content to release all those needs,
and just be open to the whispers of the wind.
We are then quietly listening
in the presence of time,
and in the fullness of time
we hear the melody of life singing.

Life’s questions are answered by your soul within.

So please read on……

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