Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The Sweetest Song

If I were a song
with a bird in me
I would sing
most joyously
from the highest tree,
I would bring
my whole within, 
I would raise
harmony to be
healing those around me. 

If I were a tune
to call to the moon
I would waft
through the silver trees,
I would float lightly
on the breeze,
I would be lighter
than ever before,
I would call more to explore.

If I were a string
on an instrument
I would sound
my fellow strings,
I would bring
to please the birds,
I would be the sweetest song
I ever heard.

If I was a woman
who roamed the hills
I would walk and walk
and breathe fresh air,
I would hum a tune
and whistle a song,
I would know 
the birds and I
all belong
to this wide world
and this new day
and every song
and tune would say,
bring more love
call more joy
be the one
who will enjoy
being here on the earth,
raise the notes
and sound your worth,
lift the others
and love your mothers,
be most heartily
the inspiration
 you came to be.

Be in this day,
be in this light
and shine your brightest
day and night.
Plant more trees
and bless the birds
who bring
 their songs for free
to share with All
and you and me.

- o O o -

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Through The Veil

My mother
passed away today.
She was weary,
she was old,
with 'grandmother wisdom'
to be told.
She was frail,
she was tender,
with kindness
and caring we remember.
She did her best
through difficult times,
and life was long
when her strength was gone,
but she had a way
to touch the hearts
of many she met.

It was her loyalty that shone,
her gratitude to all
who gave her love,
her artistry we all could see,
her beauty
shone the brightest
as it came from deep within,
a place she never 
had even seen.
But we did.

A bare-footed river girl,
who played away from home,
who never knew
who she was
until we all, in our own ways,
did our best to honour her,
to lift esteem to a softer place,
to look beyond her 'disfigured' face.

And to all who came
to say farewell,
to each of you
who cared deeply,
to each and all in her family,
to her old and new friends
gathered here,
she's asking me
to thank you,
to truly Thank You.

She looked for peace all her life.
It was sitting
in her deepest well
and to anyone
 who helped to draw
raw emotions to the light,
she thanks you,
for helping her,
through the darkest nights.


Monday, July 9, 2018

Honouring Others

She was in her deepest heart
a kind and caring,
friend to all who came to call.

She was our precious friend,
supporting our lives, 
and honoring our choices.

We always saw her guiding light
we always knew her Golden Rule.

"Do unto others as you
 would have
 them do unto you" 

She showed us
 quietly every day
 is what you give away.
Love is All There Is
and only
 the love we received
and the love
 we shared with others
 really matters.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Being One With All

"In you is all of Heaven.
Every leaf that falls
is given life in you.
Each bird that ever sang
will sing again in you.
And every flower
that ever bloomed
has saved its perfume
and its loveliness for you."

Text - A Course In Miracles -
Foundation for Inner Peace 

- o O o -



Thursday, July 5, 2018

Flowering Again

If you ever
saw a Tree Peony,
it looks dead in Winter.
No stalks, no leaves.
A hidden beauty.
Not seen,
 at all in the soil,
until the spring
when suddenly
the bright cherry
 shoots and leaves
rapidly turning to green.
And then,
from out of nowhere
 new buds come.

come the blooms,
comes the joy
when we see
the light within shining. 

And so,
 on this winters day
as my precious mother
 passed away,
I know,
nothing hidden
 will remain unseen,
and her beauty shines
and her bloom will be
shining through for all to see.
- o O o -

Arriving Home

"You are as certain
of arriving home
as is the pathway of the sun
laid down before it rises,
after it has set,
and in the half-lit hours
in between.
your pathway
is more certain still.
For it can not be possible
to change the course
of those
whom God has called to Him."
A Course In Miracles - Workbook
Foundation for Inner Peace

Blessings, Love and Deep Peace
 for two precious souls
 reunited this very day
 after exactly 23 years of earth-time.
July 5, 2018 
And I will be thinking of you Dear Friends

(These photos were taken 2 days ago,
 of Pink Gums,
 growing in Native Bushland.
Off track in The Mallee)

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Lighting The Way

Sweet love of mine
what joy I have
I am most glad
to see you
dressed in pearly white
this full moon night.

Shall we dance, sweet jonquil,
shall we sing quietly
shall the stillness
 us through.

The years of tears
are gently taken
to heavens hearth
to rise again,
and fall
with the spring rain,
when time has passed
and our hearts
are lifted with the artistry
of daffodils
 on the grassy hills.

- o O o - 

Tuesday, July 3, 2018


In the light
 of the new horizon
came understanding
and in this coming
will be seen
your beginning.