Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Courage To Continue

I felt woven into a cocoon,
as the smoke-blue linen threads
were humming a familiar tune
around the lucid words I heard,
repeating every few minutes
as a clouded memory came with each different name.

"Courage to Continue"
Courage to Continue,
courage to continue,
courage to continue,
when we step forward again, releasing old pain
the silver lining shines, so our losses all soften
as the sky above paints a picture of Love.

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

This Rose Sings Her Song

This Rose will bring a song for you
as first she called to me.
When all around was cool and damp
I heard her song like a Carrie lamp
cheerfully on the breeze
with an enticing lyric, Pick Me! Pick Me!
And so I did.
As there was only one bloom there!
I popped her in a purple vase
to call her beautiful song so I could hum along,
so I would share her joy
as a present, in this present day
as colors shine in happy ways. 


Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Dear Tree

Dear tree, 
how could it be there is an empty swinging seat
when what we ever knew was sitting close to you.
How long will we be alone and quietly
waiting for more nesting birds.

Now old Claret Ash
you are a hundred years tall,
keeping time for flyers-by seeing the sky, 
or just sheltering among your burgundy leaves
before rain comes again.
Life is all about coming and going,
growing or knowing
that everything bursts with joy in spring.
So let us all young and old
swing high or slow, being the way nature goes.

Friday, April 9, 2021

The Song We Sing

As I step up to the gate I see
it is not just you but me
who is ready now to enter through
the gate there is leading to What's New.
And growing here, the green it is a juicy lime
and all there is will pass in time
and all there will be coming on
are all the lyrics to our song.
So here we hum
and all we know has yet to come
and all we see is beside the gate
just trailing on for heavens sake.
So open wide and waltz along
the song we sing will always bring
the melody of joy within.
From this twining vine life sings all songs,
so like a leaf just surrender to All There Is
to guide the way like a soft breeze on a sunny day.




Saturday, April 3, 2021

What The Seeding Parsley Knows

All those, "Oh Dear" sighs, I hear myself say
as I wander through my day to day
bring to me a destiny
that I will change with kind words
today and every day,
beginning now.
I will rest my soft warm hand 
on my heart and quietly say:

"Oh Honey! Be gentle with your self"
"All is well" 

"Yes", said Parsley.

"We have abundant seeds, you and me".
"All is always well".