Thursday, November 19, 2020

A Dream, A Peony, A Gift For You

"What if you slept,
and what if in your sleep you dreamed,
and what if in your dream you went to heaven
and there
you plucked a strange and beautiful flower,
and what if, when you awake 
you had the flower in your hand?
Oh, what then?"
- Samuel Taylor Coleridge -

Whisperings With The Pink Roses

Looking up I see
mothers of children looking fondly down to me.

We did our best through endless tests,
not knowing why it was that way,
and wondering when, 
if any-day, life would become easier.
I have the grandmothers here with me,
my precious mother brings her love,
my children here forgive me
for ways and patterns I did not see.
The isolation keeps us safe,
the distance is another place,
further to go the soft buds show.
'When you look closely Love is all you see'. 

These 'David Austin' roses are old and neglected, 
never watered, or nurtured,
abandoned in a graveled yard, year in and year out. 
They live through all seasons on visits from ladybirds,
sparrows and a strange flower whisperer.

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Sweet Beautiful Bells

Oh sweet-heart bells
you chime so joyously this bright new day
and your luscious scent
swings through with the freshness of you.

And every Spring 
little humming-birds bring
more joy to see as they playfully
weave in, and under your green-green growth.
This view I do, welcome most.

Little birds like feeding in your golden pollen,
protected by abundant leaves
and delighted ever, am I to see
another charming season of bells
humming in the heavenly realms.

Philadelphus - Mock Orange


Monday, November 9, 2020

Ever Flowering Now

If ever there was and always is,
you will be with us as a beautiful bloom
to look upon.
A wonderful flower to greet and say
'what a joy it is this very day
to witness you being bright and cheerful'.
There was a time in years gone by
when you circled the floral clock
and life was then, what it is not now.
But all the while I always knew
to look longingly
upon your face as beauty is a happy space.
There are rainbows here for you
as Dianthus celebrates the kind and true,
the friends who do love flowers
and spending many hours being with them.


Saturday, November 7, 2020

Dawn In An Eastern Garden

I come into the garden
as the birds joyously greet this dawning
and in the invisible air I know
goodwill and the light of truth is returning.
We have great gratitude
for this most welcome day
as pink love is shining upon our way.

May you all be safe, blessings and peace


Sunday, November 1, 2020

Embracing The Grace Of Presence

I hear you whisper, 'Now breathe.
B r e a t h e 
with more ease into your Self'
Now let your fears disappear.
D i s a p p e a r
into the flow of all the healing we all know
as, all is always well,
and all there is, is Now.
Rest in my comfort and warmth,
release your pain and keep the faith,
as you are always blessed and safe.
"Ask and you shall receive"
Releasing old stories will set you free