Wednesday, July 22, 2015

It is the Love That Chimes The Bell

Nine bells
ring in
a revelation
from our conversation
the paradoxical
along the valley
and deep within
as again we do begin
to shine through
our rusty layers
and are heartened by
the message coming
before we try,
as trying is
too hard for all
believing is
what brings to us
the measure of
to shine,
no dust is ever deep enough
to bury faith in dry sand dunes
and it is as if life,
the knives, the strife,
is mellowed by the golden chime
from a rusted bell on an old clothes line.

So ring your bell and dance your tune
fill your heart with long lost love
feel the ground
but look above
as there within and all around
it is the Love
that chimes the bell,
it is the past
blowing far away,
it is the mountain
that holds it’s ground
and rises high,
it is the bird in every sky,
it is the love we give ourselves,
it is the song with harmony
that fills our hearts
and lightens up the heavy times
the mystic nine,
the moments in our daily time.

Let life ring
let freedom flow
let joy come through to all of you,
let birds fly high and wombats hide,
let bells ring true and bring good cheer
on every day in every year.

(Written on July 23, 2015)

Sunday, July 19, 2015

A Basket To Be

Sweet and soft
and very often

Waiting for Red Riding
place into
the Basket of Love
for Granny.

And Gran-dad said
leave your bed
carry the light
in A Very Bright
Basket to Be
shared most generously…….

(Written with a single large purple violet with a long, long stem on July 19, 2015)