Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Stilling Of Me

Ebb and flow
cold winds
gale force winds
 I wind back in,
for a day
or a week...
or two,
knowing when 
and what to do,
going where
or not going there,
facing my shadow,
lacing the table
do this now
or when I'm able,
I just need
to steam my ship
into shore
let new adventures to explore
wait until the rains go,
the flood waters
the calm begins,
I feel and know
I'm right to go
wait until then.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Beauty Blooming For You

All of these
scented flowers
bloomed this morning
in the wild storms
in this beautiful valley
of the Adelaide Hills
I share their Beauty with you
Love and Blessings, Bee


"The scent of flowers is their gift to you
......excerpt Lesson 156
"A Course in Miracles"
Foundation for Inner Peace

The Gift

"Into the hands that give,
the gift is given" 
"A Course in Miracles "
 Text Page 394
The Foundation for Inner Peace  


"By their openess,
people dedicated to the truth
live in the open,
and through the exercise
 of their courage to live in the open,
they become free from fear."

Elaine St James
"Living the Simple Life"


life isn't written to a formula
and sometimes
the end
comes at the beginning"

Ruby J. Murray 

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Trusting in a Different Light

"Trust: Stages of Development

1. A Period of Undoing.
2. Next, A Period of "Sorting Out"
3. A Period of relinguishment.
4. A period of "Settling Down"
5. Next, A period of unsettling.
6. Finally, A period of achievement.

It is here that learning is consolidated

Tranquility is the result"

"Manual for Teachers: A Course In Miracles"
Foundation for Inner Peace