Monday, April 23, 2018

Sitting Still

When I see you
in a terracotta pot
shining in the sunshine
and happy in your spot,
I come over closer
to breathe your spicy aroma
and I am still.

In your Stillness, so am I
inspiration sits with me
as Dianthus teaches

- o O o -

Sunday, April 22, 2018

When Heaven Is On Earth

Your heaven eluded you.
What could I do.

Now thirteen years
have passed
and some think Heaven is where you are.
But all these years later
Heaven is where
I am Now.

Heaven is the Oneness
I have found.
The Presence,
the Upper Realms,
while I am grounded
the connection
found like never before,
are closer now.
Believe that

Always hiding somewhere
until I saw you
walking through
a corridor,
ready at last to explore
a glimpse to your call from the ladder.
You were gone ten days later.

I was ready to follow you,
but it is true
guides brought you
to share visions
and I found my self
higher Faith
for goodness sake.

I find my Self,
then found the Presence
I see everywhere
in every tree and every flower,
every bee and every hour.
Every thing I look upon
helps me feel
eternally strong.

And so, on this anniversary
of a lovely weekend with the trees,
I share,
the Love that's always there.
I no longer wonder
where you are.

I know Heaven is where we are.
You up there
and me down here
with clarity, everything is clear.

- 050505 -

(Written today, April 22, 2018 for you)

Saturday, April 21, 2018

The Beauteous Presence Of You

is my heart's morning cry.
is my life's evening smile.

Sri Chinmoy

Hazelden Publisher, USA 1996

- oOo -

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Lifting Our Spirits

Spirit sings
Rising to the upper realms
Shining white
Welcome light 
Autumn day
Before the night 
 -oOo - 

This photo of White Cockatoos
was taken a few days ago,
 by Stuart Porteous,
in the remote outback -
Northern Territroy, Australia

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Oh Joy

Oh Joy
A tiny feather gift
 is here for you.

It was seen
 in the little 'wishing tree',
where surprises come
Gently left
 by the honey bird
with her song to be heard
around our world.

Another gift to see,
'the wishing tree'
has smiling faces
shining pink
with a rainbow link.

For All Of You

 -oOo -

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Those With Wings Sing

I come this way 
with you today
I come to hear you cry.

Your sobbing comes
the weeping stays
the crying starts for days and days.

The wailing has all been within.
The rain has come,
monsoons begin.
And previously
it all has been,

Strangers help.
They do their best.
This time in life
has been a test
to breaking point
to release
your pain.
"Go to sleep again"
some man said,
two nights ago
and he will never
hear or know
your story.
Glory, Glory.
You are not his 'Calling'.
Seems appauling.
Now deep within
comes your healing.

This is not
your deepest sorrow,
brings the sign
tomorrow comes.

Here comes tomorrow.
Feel your sorrow.
Raise it higher.
Every tear-drop on the floor 
brings the river to your door.
Brings high Spirit to sit with you,
leaves old fears to wash away
this day will lift you to the sky.

Blessings be
my precious one
I know, you are not alone.
I pray with you this very day,
on tears you swim away.

Peace begins.
Your heart does sing.

Now I am awake.
I sit with you.
I hold your hand
from across the land.
Please understand
'there is no place far away'
we are all with you This day.

Blessings, Peace and Love

(This verse woke me up at 1.32am today,
April 17, 2018)


Saturday, April 14, 2018

When Do Little Fish Swim?

Said the younger Granny
to the Great Granny,
"there is a pain I see inside of you.
"Is it true?"

The old white-haired one, said
in a voice so queer,
"No, my Dear"
But she wasn't clear.

So the younger Granny asked for more.
She wanted to explore.
"Precious One So Dear,
I look to find a way to help,
I feel you carry fear?"

"Is it you who wants to die,
and travel up into the sky?"

"Is it you who wonders why?
Why you are so old."

The Mama replied,
"Yes, why do I stay so long,
when everyday my pain is stronger.
my time is just too long.
I am so weary now.
I shared my life, my story told."

I answered "Yes. You did tell us much,
but the gaps you buried
from those childhood years,
and the real life along the river,
are the threads
that knitted pain."

I continued ....
"The old pains that did not bleed.
The deepest pain is in your knees,
in your face and in your heart.
You cannot face that all again, 
there is no need now to start.

But do, just say, to yourself....

"I remember when I lost my voice,
and never, ever would say the words,
I hurt. I need help. Help Me."

The Great Granny-Mama said, 
"I do not know how you know,
but probably that is true".

"I will breathe more kindness in
and I will know,
although, I am very old,
this will still remain inside,
but I will ask for help to come
to lift me higher."
"I do feel lighter.
I do feel brighter."

And I heard, it said again,
in a voice from over 'the other side',
in the Nanna voice of
A Great, Great, Granny who could recite
the little story of the little fish,
and the man upon the bank I see,
and the little boy, with the fishing pin,
"Swim Little Fish, Swim"

And so, now as I look over the river bank
I see the old man,
the little fish,
the faith returns to light the sky
and I sigh.

Blessings be to the old story,
The Nanna on the other side,
and the Great Granny
walking on the river bank.
The troubles all have sank.
The currents have moved along.
I trust your heart is high.
Do little fish swim in sky?

Swim Little Fish, then swim.

I bring on this day, April 15, 2018
my adaption of an old poem

With Blessings and Great, Great Healing please
Bee xxx