Thursday, January 11, 2018


Welcome to this new day
as you walk along the way
be peaceful
bright and clear.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018


A tiny nest
is best
for a sweet honeyeater.
A safe nest is best
for your chicks
and a warm nest is best
for your comfort
your survival
and your best chance
to fly into the new
green shrubbery,
feeding on sweet nectar
in quiet places
where we see each other
and live in the knowing
we have space,
we do trust
here there is welcome peace
for so many
 New Holland Honeyeaters.


The fly-away seed
 in the Ivy-leaved pelargonium....
a sign
 you will travel
 gently with the breeze,
and land
 in fragrant soft places
 to rest.
You will shine as you are
 in the sunshine...

Peace and sweet sharing
 be with you
wherever you are.

To you, Dear One
follow your heart
and always
be grateful
 for the soul-searching times
to lead you home
- sSs -

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Dinergy by The Orb-Weaving Spider

Early on this Summers Day
a tiny white spider lay
awaiting the prey
in this perfect web.
And let it be said,
this work of absolute delicacy
 enthralled me for hours.
      Colourful patterns       
invisible to me,
shimmering beauty for you to see.
I kept my distance
to keep this safely

Fig 19. Dinergic construction of orb-weaving spider web
joining radiating, straight lines
with rotating spiral ones.

The Power Of Limits
- Proportional Harmonies in Nature, Art & Architecture - 
by Gyorgy Doczi
Shambahala Publication 2005

- oOo -

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Every Seed Is Shining

Hello to you on this new day
I wonder
if you know the way?

Little lights are everywhere.
Look around to see seeds smile.
They know
the wind is their friend,
the bird may carry them anywhere,
the answer sits within
waiting for the time to be
sown naturally.
Wait and see
another season comes to be
fully blossoming gracefully.

Herb-Robert - Native Pelargonium

- uUu -

Joy To You

I was so delighted this morning
by four pixies calling,
sunlight shining,
little marigold smiling,
your beauty greets me brilliantly
with joyous serendipity.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Bright And Beautiful

Can we go here?
Of course.

A place of beauty 
follow the path to The Palm House.
See the plants from tropical Madagascar.
It is free, come and see.

This day, this new year’s eve,
let me be
surrounded by light,
cocooned in a delightful way,
happy on a summers day,
grateful everyday
for Adelaide Botanic Gardens,
in the heart of the city,
to lift the hearts of the many.

In 2018, may I be
inspired by simple pleasures,
enjoy the magnificence
of this achievement,
this restoration.
May I be grateful for renewal,
for faith in creation
and for hearts of human oneness.
Let me see beauty
looking down upon the ground,
the trailing snail,
the friendly frog,
the blue-tongue lizard,
little field rabbit on the lawn,
all have come here this week
to my leafy garden in a hill-side town
little pleasures are all-around.

And looking up I see
a mountain duck flying over me
Going in an oblique direction
it may seem to be
but truly the duck 
was flying purposefully.

Let us observe and be inspired,
let us be appreciative,
let us be united,
let us all forgive.

May we go forward,
becoming our best selves
encouraging others to be
beautifully whole and free.

Blessings, Love and Peace to All