Sunday, May 15, 2016

Singing Along

A few days will come along
sojourneying will call to you
and country roads will lead you through
the strangest times that do arise
and there you see before your eyes
the new
the clear
the coming to
the never seen
the opening-up
the spreading out
the singing voice
bursts right out into the air
and breathe you do
the time has come
and so you do
launch with jubilance the bright new you.

All the more there is to know
so listen deeply
breathe and flow…….along
in these precious days
with all the new and shining ways
to see
to feel
to know what’s true
your healing happens and life expands
you are released with Love
to shift along
create the new
and stretch to be
all you ever knew
but seldom saw
is here with you for Evermore.

And truth it rises high to lead
melodies on your sleeve
playing helps the new
soak in deeply and lighten you
as harmony is the song
you sing within
the fruit bowl is full so juice will spring
comes the blossom time to sing
comes the day and shines the sun
comes the Love around the centre
follow along
the purpose path
is light and bright and open wide
breathe in deeply
extend your stride
and lead along
you will find
purple flowers with golden leaves
butterflies floating on the breeze
hearts are sounding openly
come along to share with me.

(Written on May 15, 2016)

Saturday, May 14, 2016


Here and now
there and then
back we go to when
you were in a different place
and no one there
who you know now
and even so you know somehow
this is me
and you are gone
this is where
the winds have blown
this is where I am alone
and here I go to a new home
where life is simple
so calm and strange
and familiarity is not with me
and all around are views to see,
from different windows and different rooms
and I know this is a shell outside
who I am, no where to hide
no trees I planted or beautiful ways
to remember you as I pass my days.
Give me time I will adjust
I will move along when I must
I will wait, my time it comes
marching to a different drum.

(Written on Anzac Day, April 25, 2016)