Sunday, May 26, 2019

The Quietly Shining Ones

The Quietly Shining Ones
the Softly Shining Ones
the Spritely Shining Ones
Light Beams

Photo credit:
 Australian Geographic
taken by Lewis Fogerty in
 The Blue Mountains,
 NSW, Australia

Another Day, Another Bloom

 gathered in the rain
and I know they show
we too bloom again
 every season 
for there are reasons
and various ways to shine. 

Comes the winters day
 with another way
 to bloom for You.

- o O o -

Friday, May 24, 2019

Come Inside

Every year when I see you bloom
I know the joy I feel inside
and even though you often hide
I bring you in from the snails outside.

And here you are this very day
as the mist and raindrops come
I see your beauty shine
here in the morning light
with Philodendron Congo
strong and bright.

As I whisper to the fragile iris
I know she sings
when I bring her indoors
as the rain it brings
all that crawls into her pot
and she is gobbled within hours
so this my little flower
I pick for you to see
blooming in the vase for me.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Seeing More Than Before

Who am I now?
I have found
 my inner light
and I feel joy this very day
when nature spirits
 shine the way.

The path is brighter,
I have seen the silver sky,
 a spiders web,
 a dragonfly,
and a viola seeding 
before my eyes.

The web of a golden orb spider
Image credit: Stacey Ann Alberts Shutterstock


Saturday, May 11, 2019

As Golden As You

Faith sings within
golden flowers
 grow for you
they shine the way
I pick you a daisy a day

They simply say
I love you

- o O o -


Look At These In The Pine Trees

Powerful Owls in Suburbia, Melbourne, Australia

Photo supplied to ABC Off Track 
by Nick Bradsworth

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Winter Time

There comes this time
when I hear you say
there are other ways
to proceed through
the coming days.

Keep still, keep silent.
Listen to the mystic voice,
observe squirrels
and rejoice
in the winter light,
the damp of days and longest night.
Do as you have always yearned.
Go deeper.

Then in the spring
the well within
will be renewed
and the outward life
will call again
and all will be well,
all is well
and all is always well.
Time does know
and time will tell,
the only place to always dwell
is in the space
that Love for all does embrace.

- o O o -