Sunday, June 28, 2020

And There Is Light

Comes the bloom of the winter-sweet
comes the greeting to my grief
comes the day with sunshine pale
comes the light to shine within
comes a new beginning.

Every moment starts again.
Sweet fragrance drifts.
Love whispers softly in the morning light.
I see our flowers here with you
until spring brings new leaves
and bright sun shines gloriously.


Saturday, June 27, 2020

For The Wonder Of Oneness

"Boundlessly flows the river, just as it flows.
Red blooms the flower, just as it blooms.
Distant mountains without limit.
Green upon green.

There is a trueness and a thusness
to the flowers blooming and the river flowing.
There is life in its vast contours.
There is you and me along this path.

There is a world.
There is a world in need of support,
of love, of holding, of honouring.
There is a world deserving of honour and love
and care for each and every sentient life.

There is the river flowing with care
and the mountains vast with honour.

There is love and respect,
for each and everyone of our lives,
- for my life and yours."

This is a Zen Saying

Friday, June 12, 2020

Reaching Up

You sit with me
as I sit within
and each new day
I begin.
I pray I will be listening
to the whispers you are whispering.

This day may we
find the way
to travel in
and hear us say
keep going
keep breathing
freely calling air
for all to breathe and all to share
for all to live
and see
rising up
to lift our lives
to where the light shines through to all
and every whisper and every call for love
is heard above.

Now here comes 
more possibilities
for reaching up
to heal our communities.

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Seeing A Fresh New Day

If I sing the call for beauty
across the frost this morning,
I will see a new day dawning.

I touch my heart to start
the next

I pray it will be the one
bringing more life to rise brightly.

Autumn has left a leaf for me
as I look at lush fresh parsley.

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Let Us All Be Heartened

I am here at dusk
on this wet and cold day
hoping to see
growing resilience around me.

And yes.
What a joy.
What a wonder.
There are two
tall flowering grass tree spears
which have not been seen for endless years.

It is good to update you.
There has been drenching rain
for five weeks and it is now five months
since the wildfires here.
I hope each of you 
find endurance and deep healing 
in good ways today.

Blessings and love 
Bee x

For The Tender Troubled One

It was the end of a long Funeral Day.
When he came home 
she wandered away.
Gone suddenly.
Then, tragically, gone.

He carried her away.
And in the darker night,
he laid her to rest
in a beautiful island place,
with the rock spirits 
in The Valley of the Ancients.

If you think you were alone
whisperers know
you were saying goodbye
before she ran to the sky.

For 'beautiful' Lucky
She was the tender troubled one,
who died young.

Teddy with the angel boy
Top Photo: Rusty and Russ's horse in 1937 

Now I can see three dogs playing