Saturday, June 27, 2020

For The Wonder Of Oneness

"Boundlessly flows the river, just as it flows.
Red blooms the flower, just as it blooms.
Distant mountains without limit.
Green upon green.

There is a trueness and a thusness
to the flowers blooming and the river flowing.
There is life in its vast contours.
There is you and me along this path.

There is a world.
There is a world in need of support,
of love, of holding, of honouring.
There is a world deserving of honour and love
and care for each and every sentient life.

There is the river flowing with care
and the mountains vast with honour.

There is love and respect,
for each and everyone of our lives,
- for my life and yours."

This is a Zen Saying


  1. Hello Dear Friends,
    I have been watching the Re-Awaken Summit from Sounds True and Lions Roar. It is so deeply moving, with wonderful speakers from Zen Buddhism. The talk by Ray Buckner today, was a deep honouring of our lived experiences and holding space for each other.
    It was called 'Cultivating the Courage to Continue and this saying, speaks of the Buddhist way of seeing clearly into the nature of things.

    Love and courage to each of you and all of us,

    Bee xo

  2. As always Bee...thoughtfully considered and so generously shared...Thank you so much!

  3. Blessings and great nourishment to you Stuart as you follow the beauty way each day
    Love Bee xo