Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Purple Loose-strife

The dance of spirit
the green of healing
the glorious bright purple
is what I’m feeling
the energy now
to live through it all
to take control
and reach even higher
to focus on light
with courage and strength
to go with the flow
and travel the length
of every river flowing to me
to connect myself
with the almighty Thee.
In this clear way
my healing is here
here within
every day of the year
and all I do is open my heart
draw in the colour,
the light and the love
connect with nature
and Love from above.
Yes here is my answer
right now today
love surrounds me in every way
and Love is the answer
I hear you say…….

Monday, April 1, 2013

I remember then, I remember when

I remember then
I remember when
the sea it swam
across the waves
and we were lost
for days and days.
And all we had
to save our lives
was faith to bring us
to the other side.
Across the shores
across the skies
above the wind
and fierce high tides…..
we clung to life
we drank the sea
we sank, and sank
and came on up
like floating in the other worlds
the times they tell
the scenes so clear
the sense of death
very near
and yet we were
not afraid
our life was lived
our passage laid
and on the seas
the rolling hills
of water high
emotions were deep
and so was I.

I know I’ve drowned
before this time
and I stay on shore
to keep me safe
but nothing is as ever told
and we live and die before we’re old,
or we die to live
or live and breathe
some never live
and never leave
the safety of the sweetest shore
don’t reach out
or yearn for more
but what I must do
as we cling together
is leave my old self
in the sea
let it go,
to the depths below
and nurture who I am, this present
bring my love to every cell
and ride the waves
to far off lands
live and breathe
laugh and play
let the old ways
die today
and so, I know
I surely do
that accepting me
is my breakthrough
and leaving space
to sink or swim
that is where
my healing brings
freedom and light,
and cheer
live this long and changing year
as if it is the very last
live right now
the past is past
and all the water
that ever was
will bring clarity
and wash away
every pain, before today.
No fear at all
my body floats
my heart is open
my quest is clear
live each day
accepting me
as in times gone by
I was lost at sea.

Lost at sea
and died with you
and all I never needed to
was love myself
and follow through
speaking truth
and being true.

So shores and shores
and waves of time
have passed this buoy
this date of time
and now after all those years
live your truth
be truly clear.
Do not wait
the call is now
take the leap
and swim somehow
to the land you knew
you always wanted
the land of light
and love and peace
the land of gentle love
and trust,
live we do
so live we must.

Take this healing
this vision pure
and heal your system
from inside out
and everywhere
in every-way
life will brighten
from this day
and you will be
a focused beam
a beacon shining
to the world unseen
and all those helpers
watching you
will pollinate the blossom
so fruit is born
and in this lifetime
your callings clear
write the messages
to the world
from all the words
seldom seen
be a beacon
be a beam
be a Bee
your work is there
we’ll wait some time
and broadcast clear
the lines will come streaming through
from us to you
indeed that’s true.