Monday, December 24, 2018

Whispering Hope

As Christmas Day dawns again
and some of you are carol singing,
I am here with the woolly dog
happily just bringing
love to all who feel alone
and hope to those
whose hope has flown,
sunlight from our summertime
as country church-bells clearly chime.

May little wrens and honey birds
sing their song you've never heard
and may 2019 bring 
angels whispering to lead the way
into a brighter place
where the good light shines
to comfort everyday
and friends are never far away. 

Blessings, Love and Peace To All

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

May Kindness, Love and Blessed Grace Be With You

May your days be bright
and your heart be light
May Love be in your life,
May hope be in your heart
May peace be in our world

Wishing many Blessings to all

In 2019
may we find our strength,
stamina and courage,
to expand
simplicity and goodness
in most generous ways 

- o O o -

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Love From Elvis

In my sleep just now
a gift arrived.

It was a boxed CD
in soft red tissue
with a handwritten card,
'Love from Elvis'

Oh Wow!
Looks great.
It's red. It's thin.
It's plain outside.
It makes me smile.


What could it be?

Tucked inside
I find a tiny card

'Peace Please'

I slide the CD into Bose
No sound.

Pure Love surrounds
Breathe Out

I am simply thrilled -

Receiving surprises
Transparent love arises

Accepting the Unexpected

Love and Blessings
for a safe and happy place
to rest in peace
this holiday festive season.

With love to all, Bee 

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Love In The Mist

When old sad stories
come to view
and seemingly
 we fade,
take heart dear ones,
 calls again
 only the Love remains. 


- o O o -


'Consider the possibility
of Infinite possibility'
- A Course In Miracles -
Foundation for Inner Peace
- o O o -