Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Hello. I Am Here

I am here.
I have come for you
to shine us through
to lead us out
to release old wounds
to open our hearts
to begin anew
to welcome us through
to being light
to being free
to becoming true to you and me.

I have come a long way
I have our friends
I have compassion and courage within
let’s go flying and begin
the best years we’ve ever had
we are lifted above
and energized with Divine Love.

Hello I see you.
Bring your little dog with you.
Bring your frogs.
And bring the jonquils.
We are nourished now.

(Written on June 28, 2016)

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Thank You Kris Kristofferson For All The Freedom Songs

Happy 80th Birthday to you
 Kris Kristofferson. 
Born in Texas, USA 
Summer Solstice June 22, 1936

Photo courtesy Australian Geographic
Museum Victoria Butterfly Collection 

Full Blue Moon

I dressed you in the softest silk
with magnificent hues surrounding you
so you remember dancing days
when our garden did glisten with mist
as you and sweet Violet felt the kiss.

(Written with Algerian Iris on Winter Solstice Day, June 21, 2016)


Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Whispering Way

Who goes there…..
the deer and the bear
through past entanglements
to God Knows where.
Lost in the forest
as an unlikely pair.

Comes the time
to rake the leaves.
Comes the time
after years of grieving
Comes the time
the old is leaving.

Comes the dawn
with bright, shining light
as the little Dear sees a new day
and deeply knows her living ways.

The fallen foliage has made a path
the heart beats onward
the breath is calm
the Animal Spirits light The Way
to every new enlightened place
to hear the whispers with blessed Grace.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Looking For Me

My garden heart
is growing now
the pain has warmed
my healing feels
it came from knowing
how unreal
things really were
until I retrieved her.

Hello I see you now.
Where I looked longingly
you were not,
where I searched
you were unseen,
where I lived
you had been
and now delightedly
I have found
the earth you tread is crystal ground.

The Love has come
to warm my heart
so wind-chimes bring
deeper resonance
by looking in
to where my story did begin
a chapter writes itself anew
as I let go of searching you
I found the Little One.
The looking child lost to me
found hope and wholeness in the happily
ever after.

I want you to know I see you. I love you.
You are deeply loved.