Saturday, December 31, 2016

Blessings And Peace To All

To All Around The World
wherever we may be

May our hearts be open 
to share deep peace

May we know there is more
to explore and share

May we live with courage

May we come with grateful hearts
and may this New Year be the start
of Love, Kindness, Deep Understanding
& Knowing We Are All One

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Finding My Voice

Like a pilgrim on a path
a hermit in the mountains
I sat beside the tree
and listened to the rivers,
I walked across the plains
then hiked over hills
I saw my truth
resting on a boulder
I set it free
releasing all
my untold stories,
looking-in upon myself
reaching out
to heal my way
finding voice
to truly say
I forgive you,
I forgive myself.
Repression never heals a life
nor does
keeping peace by covering lies.

If you want to hear sweet birds
whistling in the grasses,
let your truth sing a melody
let all around bring their voice
let harmony sound
so hearts rejoice,
let peace reach deep into the night
where fireflies
fill the skies.

Ask yourself
"Can I do more?"
to heal the future,
to swim to shore,
to float on waves
and share with all
a heart which is willing to
transform old past,
holding high the inner light
of a mystical lamp in a long dark night.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Devas Dancing

Bring your heart to the field of flowers
pick the shining golden ones
gather 'the pinks' they warm all pain
and take the road which widens now,
take the path through the trees
sit on mountains in the breeze
let years of tears flow over the cliff
and rainbow lights the water fall
you are free now,
every choice is your call.

The mist it lifts
clarity comes
bring your passionate heart
to sound your soul
comes this day
sings the bird
the sweetest song you've ever heard

Thursday, November 17, 2016


There came to me one cloudy day
a vision clear
when I heard you say......
Leave the loads beside the roads,
let old past hurts be washed away
bring your Self back to this day
And here you'll be, gratefully
feeling nourished
with all light, shining
ever so, shining
better know, shining
ebb and flow will ever show
the constant peace is in the centre
the love you have to be a mentor,
the time is here, this hour, this day
walk freely forward go and play
by the sea and in the dunes
the peace you seek fills every room,
the love you are yearning for
is there within
so eternally
the finding you has set you free.

So backwards, forwards, to and fro,
lead you onwards, at times quite slow
but, around and up, is leading you
a loop of infinity creates the space
peace and love shines with grace......

Learning, teaching,
leaning, reaching,
stretching, resting,
sleep with blessings
dreams lucidly alive.......

I see peace, joy, comfort and ease, freedom and understanding please.......

(Written November 18, 2016)


Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sweet Flower

Lovely Lilac
Hello Sweet Flower
you shine your self
into the Spring this day will bring
into the depth of everything
into the ways that weigh folk down
into the air that this day fills
keep on going until
all around have found a way
to lift their hearts and simply say....

Let me ask for greater light
to lift my days and speed my nights
to Summer-time with lighter loads
and times when fruitfulness will glow
times indeed when I will know
each step leads to the light
when you sweet flower are shining bright .......


The hands of time
tocking on

The sands of lands

The life we live

Which way

Every grain of sand 
through your hands

Work or Play
Each momentary choice spends the day......