Saturday, December 24, 2016

Finding My Voice

Like a pilgrim on a path
a hermit in the mountains
I sat beside the tree
and listened to the rivers,
I walked across the plains
then hiked over hills
I saw my truth
resting on a boulder
I set it free
releasing all
my untold stories,
looking-in upon myself
reaching out
to heal my way
finding voice
to truly say
I forgive you,
I forgive myself.
Repression never heals a life
nor does
keeping peace by covering lies.

If you want to hear sweet birds
whistling in the grasses,
let your truth sing a melody
let all around bring their voice
let harmony sound
so hearts rejoice,
let peace reach deep into the night
where fireflies
fill the skies.

Ask yourself
"Can I do more?"
to heal the future,
to swim to shore,
to float on waves
and share with all
a heart which is willing to
transform old past,
holding high the inner light
of a mystical lamp in a long dark night.

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