Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Green Lights The Way Today

The poor man went long ago
and left the stroll of your inner flow…..
Now in this time
you belong to each new day
to follow through in natural ways,
to sing more songs and twirl along
to weave and leave the past behind
to rise above and wait your time
as listening will deliver more
than you have ever heard before.

So clear and fold and file, 
recycle, share and give away,
as life will bring to you the joys,
the colors and new ways to be
happily free to see
the light, the truth, the way
given you to walk today.

Sunday, April 16, 2023

The Wheels Of Time Go By

If I ponder 
and I often do,
I go somewhere else with you.
If I were to wonder
and I sometimes do,
where would we be
if not, for you
when the winds of time
and around the time I felt 
a beginning coming
or possibility of eventual joy,
you left this world
and I
lost my breath
and strangely knew,
after all the years of you 'shooting through'
I knew this time, you would not arrive
back on the scene, in the same form of life,
or in the to and fro 
as when you 'breezed by' in the come and go. 

So on this new misty day,
I know the fog will lift
softly you will drift past in the clouds, 
waving down at the long ago,
when and how you always knew,
this life would never be
where you stood still, beside me.
 BP photo: Eventually, I found your bike in Lenswood

Thursday, April 6, 2023

Becoming Golden

I am an autumn leaf
I am the flowers at my feet
I am the feathers found upon the ground
in a garden graced with nature spirits.
Pixies dancing in the laundry basket,
joy as a golden Frangipani shares
the final bloom before the frost.
Our joy will rise to Easter skies
and Love will shine from land to sea.
I feel the soul of every tree, inside me.
Written on Good Friday, April 7, 2023

Artwork credit: Religious resurrection event
in the style of European late middle ages painting.
This is entirely computer generated image
with the usual image editing/manipulation
for final composite. No references used,
not based on any real painting from the period.

Sunday, April 2, 2023

From Blonde To Silver

Long years ago I left my home
believing it was the only choice given me
but indeed now I see with clarity.
Just leave your lover.
Just save who matters
Go. No.
Just Quit The Job
and stay and stop the day work.
Yes. Stay.
Just continue to be devoted to priorities.
Stay where you are,
Stand strong 
to ride the tempestuous waves
to call truth 
just shut the shop. Just stop home.
Be there where you always were
and define the curbs beside the road.
Put down those heavy, heavy hidden loads.
Keep the children safe from harm,
dismiss all others to find their way
owning all the carpet dust,
just speak up loudly when you must.
Credit Image: Sydney-Smith-Full,
Lions Roar online August 2022.
Illustration to May We Be Safe, by Barbara Gates