Thursday, October 13, 2022

Seeing More Than Before

Yet betwixt between the seldom seen
comes the possible
the probable
the opening
the advancing
the beginning
the living
the times which tell the way to go
the times which tell who will then know
what lies ahead,
what sits within
what calls your name
what invites you in
to all there was you never knew
and all there is beside you.
So open wide and take the steps
the way you go is lit with light
the way you go is within sight
and all you never knew
fills your heart with what is true. 

This was a dream message which woke me up
and I quickly wrote it on a notepad under my pillow.
Written Monday July 25, 2016 at 4.58am.
This verse haunts me. It has 3 titles over the years.
Truth is a long time coming to light.
It is deeply hidden until the soul lights the way.
This full moon morning was 3 days ago,
when I took the photo, I was wide awake,
at 4.13am on October 11, 2022

Thursday, October 6, 2022

Where Fungi Grows

Here there once were some tall pines.
Less than 3 years ago, they were erased by wildfire.
Now there is a large community of Fungi
networking through those tree roots.

"When you are praying person, your life is a spiritual hike.
As you walk any path you pray,
live, support and listen to what has happened
because the sacred places and lands have their own energy.
These are collective energies from previous generations."
- Grandmother Flordemayo - Mayan Elder,
Curandera, Universal Healer,
Visionary and the Founder of The Path.

Sunday, October 2, 2022

Come With Me

In my contemplation,
while looking at the sky
I see the pond of plenty reflecting clouds to me
but only when I look again,
do obstacles just leave.
As these were all illusions 
I more readily pass them by
as every bird that ever lived
knows Our Vastness is the sky
so releasing limitations
'lifts us up' to fly. 
I hear my soul singing, 'Come With Me'
you will surely See 
your sky is now cloud-free.

Embracing All Of Me

I embrace you
I reconnect you to the heart of Life
You are safe
You are sound
You are treasured
You are a safe place in the heart of Love.
I fully embrace all of me
I fully embrace all of you
We are deeply and fully embracing our Earth
We are deeply healing our Souls.
I am feeling safe
We are feeling ourselves feeling safe.
We are All One
We are here to embrace All of Us 
Be Still and Know You Are Loved
Be Still and Know You Are Loved
Be still and know Love lives within


Saturday, October 1, 2022

A Visiting Tulip

And here you are! From God Knows where?
a lovely Tulip in the rain,
possibly pink, is what I think.
What a delightful thrill in every way
to welcome your grace and poise today.