Tuesday, December 30, 2014

I Am Wishing You Peace

When I admire the foliage of shrubs and trees
I bring my focus to detail the leaves.
I look at the veins
the shapes
their colour and tone,
whether they cluster in families
or grow out on their own.

I am thinking of New Year around the world,
the full heat of summer
the depth of white snow
and folk who are gathering
as some are alone.

Here in Australia
where white lilies bloom
the fragrance of these is filling the room.
Whether your Christmas
was warmed by the sun or a fire inside,
may goodness bring all that you need
and Kindness and Love
keep the world going around,
so I am wishing you peace
and the heart of a leaf
or crystals of snow to melt with the flow
and life will cycle wherever you go.

So breathe in a New Day,
and be warmed by generosity
to love in new ways.

(Written December 30, 2014)

Monday, December 29, 2014

The Star Of Hope

So much is changing in our world
and many ways have gone,
the Summer Solstice time is here
as Christmas season brings good cheer.
Much is passing and lives are lost
but keep on breathing in,
all that you need is love and peace.
And now.

A new way is here for us
to behold and to live in trust
that all around will support
those who nurture and give with kindness.
And those who know there is more
than what surrounds their everyday
will come together and share
courage and the strength to care.

Take heart and keep the faith
the light is on your path,
be open-hearted as best you are,
vulnerable in gentle ways
and being open lets those days
come through
to happen to you
in a delightful way,
when you never knew
that all around there are good times too
and folk who share themselves
to bring light to a dim place
and warmth to some strangers faces.
Let us be the ones
who carry the load another day
for a dear one who may be weary
and wondering if
love will bring a smile to them
so let us do what ere we may
to shine The Star Of Hope today.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Look For A Heart Wherever You Are

Beautiful heart-shaped leaves
Look for a heart wherever you are……
there are hearts around in the lilac leaves
and certainly wherever the violets may be.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

When Heart-Bells Chime In Their Own Sweet Way

Divinely blessed
here you are
listening to a call afar, 
listening in with all your heart,
waiting here as it all starts

And bells are blossoming
with the sweetest scent
and all the air is laden fresh
as raindrops dwell all around
and in your heart
you feel the sound
of Love.....
The peace, the quiet,
the heaven sent,
the kind you seek
and always meant
to find.

But oh, many lessons came with that
as you looked
 for what you thought you needed
and none of those
the way you thought
they ought to do
but, truly dear
we're telling you
they always do enlighten you,
bring the lessons
you came to learn
and every time you did discern
and grew to leave,
to indeed succeed
in growing
and coming to the knowing
that we all do,
is our path
and in our heart
we know that's true,
as growing is a learning too.

Every time you come to share
and give a sense of all your caring,
then in that way
and in your sharing
comes a blessing to lead you on
 to somewhere new
and someplace stronger within you.

So as the bells chime
in their own sweet way,
you are here in your everyday
to simply follow in a simple way
and all will bloom
and fragrance will indeed
show you how you do succeed
by proceeding on, in a patient way,
to seek yourself and hear us say.....

Keep going.
Keep the door always open
and into your life
at any time
comes the sweetest bell
with the clearest chime,
the bell to ring
the changes in,
the bell to swing
on any lovely breezy day
and let you feel in every way
the blessings all around you,
the every-days you live through,
the awareness of the little things
and the simplest way the daily brings
Love to you.

Hearts will sing
when you love yourself
in your life you have,
the inner joy glows bright
as you pass to sleep every night.

Oh glory, glory, I hear the call
of every bell in the country-side,
lightly chiming to call the day,
it's yours' indeed
so bring in play
and expand yourself in many ways.

Written in the New Moon
 with the beautifully fragrant
Philadelphus Mexicanus,
Mexican Mock Orange, on November 22, 2014 
22/11 = 2 Master numbers


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Follow Your Heart And The Labyrinth Path

Leave the maze and the need to
understand where you are going to.

Seek the labyrinth, begin it now
and follow one step,
then another,
around the circular path
whichever way, east or west,
the way is guided by your breath.
The day it starts by the willow pond,
let the sorrows flood into the stream
and see the start Begin Again.
Follow one foot,
then another.
Your mind will find the answer there,
every question is resolved
by coming into your heart centre
there you are, with your own light
shining through and shining bright.

You need not mind where you are
any where is good to start
and before you know, you will believe,
nothing left to ever grieve.
The guiding force is inside you.
walk within in meditation
as the way is what it is,
unlock yourself and begin.
Walking back from the centre
breathe in stillness,
peace and blessings
ever onward, light is streaming,
accept it all without your reasoning.

The heart does lead our every path
if where we go, is where we will find
love for each and every kind
and best of all, peace of mind.

So when we give up the search,
the gift is there within,
the peace it sits inside ourselves.
the path will guide to higher light
in bright sunshine or darker night.

Follow your heart and the labyrinth path….

(Written November 9, 2014)

A maze is designed to confuse.
But walking a labyrinth is where you solve problems and find healing answers.

There is a beautiful sandstone and blue-stone Sydney Labyrinth which has just been opened in Sept, 2014 in Centennial Park in Sydney, Australia. It is in a quiet space, well away from the usual circuit and may be found in the field down by the Willow Pond.
Go to www.sydneylabyrinth.org

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Cradle The Child Within

Leave the past
grieve it’s gone
but see this day
and believe you’re strong.
Write yourself a new blank page
and there you’ll be
free to bring your heart
to peace in every day
and this bright new start
of sharing all the inner gifts
and smiling into your heart centre
delight, divine
the child within
cradle her now
and Begin Again.

(Written November 1, 2014)

Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Light Within

In the gold
is a bag of gold
and lo and behold
I am told
it’s always there
abundance flows
and he who believes
is she who knows
and in this light and all around
there is gold dust to be found.

And where you seek is in your heart
and where you dwell is within
and there within,
in your heart centre,
is the one, your life mentor.

So go within and there is gold
and spread the precious dust you find
to all around
and leave behind
anything that no longer is
the essence of the way you feel
bring yourself to the well
and presently she who is
is she who dwells
and here you are happily
being yourself and being free.

The gold, it’s true, is inside you,
the well it sits within,
so draw your life’s flow from the bubbling stream
and light will shine
and leaves will gleam
and flowers are the gifts for you,
petals soft and colours rich
this is the way of Nature’s gifts.

Bring yourself the gems there are
and share the light from every star
and live the way your heart knows true
so being yourself is healing you.

(Written with a rich magenta coloured tree peony flower on October 13, 2014)

This photo was taken in a windstorm, of the only bloom this season and the verse came to me as I uploaded the image)

Thursday, October 9, 2014

I Weep

I weep
in this moment I feel
I weep for the world
I weep for your loss
and I weep for what
you feel is lost.

I sigh
I sigh and see
that spring has come.
I release the tears
that have begun
to well in my eyes
and pond up my vision
but I see ahead

I know that you
are grieving now
indeed you must
release the pain
of feeling you never
will see him again.

I believe you will in other ways
know he is with you
in these earthly days.
A thought, a way,
a memory here,
a day at a time
will walk you through
until time brings togetherness
again to you.

I smile in my heart
for the love I feel,
for the gratitude
that two
were dedicated to
sharing each day
in the only way
that they knew how
so love was present behind every cloud.

You gave your heart,
you gave each day
you loved him dearly,
now he has passed away.
But never feel you are alone
you have a well of tears within
and wonder how
you will begin
to walk on now,
but believe you will
have inner strength to carry you
and in your heart you know it’s true.

So dear lady, please sit and rest
you did your very, very best
you now need days and days to weep and sigh
and let the smiles you have for him
twinkle in your eyes again.

Love is with you
love is here
grieve as long as endless years
and feel comfort from those around you
who share their warmth, their love, their tears.

Family and friends
will comfort you
lean on them
as you need to
let yourself grieve and grieve
take all the time
you gave to him
and nourish yourself in gentle ways
as you come into each coming day.

My Dear, your heart is warm
and all who ever met you
see your kindness,
feel your heart,
so today
know, we all do think of you
and care and hope that in your time
your heavy heart will come to heal
and the light surrounding you
will lift your spirits and guide you through
knowing you gave constant care
and love for your beloved in the life you shared.