Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Light Within

In the gold
is a bag of gold
and lo and behold
I am told
it’s always there
abundance flows
and he who believes
is she who knows
and in this light and all around
there is gold dust to be found.

And where you seek is in your heart
and where you dwell is within
and there within,
in your heart centre,
is the one, your life mentor.

So go within and there is gold
and spread the precious dust you find
to all around
and leave behind
anything that no longer is
the essence of the way you feel
bring yourself to the well
and presently she who is
is she who dwells
and here you are happily
being yourself and being free.

The gold, it’s true, is inside you,
the well it sits within,
so draw your life’s flow from the bubbling stream
and light will shine
and leaves will gleam
and flowers are the gifts for you,
petals soft and colours rich
this is the way of Nature’s gifts.

Bring yourself the gems there are
and share the light from every star
and live the way your heart knows true
so being yourself is healing you.

(Written with a rich magenta coloured tree peony flower on October 13, 2014)

This photo was taken in a windstorm, of the only bloom this season and the verse came to me as I uploaded the image)

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