Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Wandering Along And What Do I See

You will see a pink sign we will set by the road
Go through the grasses and wildflower blooms
Oh Joy! Rose Quartz in the ground and rose chunks around
We wandered down this secluded bush track
There will be blue peace and white light!
Dragonflies are all around at the deep lake
My woolly dog Bob
First feather four feathers of down
Almost unbelievable! Lilac Light
     And I do not have a photograph of what came next!!!!

Dragonflies have circled in the previous few hours,
three Rose Quartz were found on the ground,
little Blue Wrens were playing in the wattles
Kookaburra flew overhead in the tall ‘old growth’ eucalyptus forests
I found feathers from small birds
and a lovely folded, blue and white floral handkerchief.
And we had a quiet conversation with a golden Stumpy Lizard.

So we will wander on down the track
after our special Spring adventure in the presence of Pan
one lizard dreaming and possibly more
this parcel was delightful, for sure.

Now 1.05pm:

Well how unbelievable unless you could see,
a soft lilac feather there on the ground
as we near the lower lake to sit for a spell
and truly wonder what this message is?
I am tired from the walking and the climbing in heat,
so it is good to be sitting on this green seat.
When I received the guidance to come out today
I never imagined a purple feather display
as I look, I wonder
and I am open to more
as the strong breezes blow and this feather is soft
I will wait to hear whatever more comes along
as water-birds nearby are singing their spring song……

We were walking slowly through the small, lake-side pine forest area,
with our tired feet cushioned by the soft floor of pine needles.
Bob was tired.
So was I.
Yet I was happy to have a bevy of gifts from the earth on this day.

Just then, there came a red-bellied black snake
sliding and spiraling right across our path
with great speed and a greater shock to me
I witnessed Kundalini energy.
Right there
my next footstep was about to go
it was certainly not moving as slow
as we were at this time
and neither did I sit down and write the details
as I picked up Bobby Boy
and stepped backwards
as I realized it had purpose to be on it’s way
down to the water on this warm sunny day.

So in this Now
Right Here, Right Now
I have purpose and I have faith
and the lilac feather was there at the gate
so I would wait
a while
to witness the black snake.

(Written on the Spring Equinox, Tuesday, September 23, 2014)

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