Wednesday, October 8, 2014


In many ways
herein it lies
in ways that are
not disguised
and to find the well within

Begin to be
all you are
begin to see
the distant far.
Begin to walk
the pebbled track
and no longer be
looking back

Be where you are
be here and now
live your dream
are awake.

So sit on grass beside the lake
lie down and look
as clouds pass over
you lie softly in the clover.
All you have done has led you here
and let us show you
very clearly
we are with you
as you go
walking softly or sitting low
ever always there will be
signs ahead to lead you on
you know the ways
we bring to you
we know when you are feeling weary
just clear the clutter you seek to place
and there will be
living space.
Take a rest you know you need
drive away for some days
and on returning
less you’ll need
that is
the way to clarity.

(Written at 3.25am when I was hearing these words and trying to write them down in my sleep! on October 1, 2014)

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