Friday, January 20, 2023

I Wonder Who? Thank You

In the lucid dream I hear
from another place and time,
Who was that I wonder then,
as I am yet to learn where and when
so I say "Bless You" 
as universally I am sorry too.

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

I Sit A While with Chamomile

Oh Chamomile, my healing friend,
when I planted hundreds of tiny seeds
I was surprised to greet you so soon
and drink 9-daisy-flowers in herb tea
that surely soothed and uplifted me.
So to you here I want to say,
these flowers heal in many ways
and even heal their companion friends 
growing in gardens beside them.
They help ease inflammation,
digestive, kidneys, and nervous system.
I hope to plant a chamomile lawn 
as it grows as you tread upon it!
My photos: German Chamomile - perennial herb, 
with blue healing essential oil

Friday, January 6, 2023

When Healing Words Arrive

"The teacher of God
 accepts the words which are offered him,
and gives as he receives.
He does not control the direction of his speaking.
He listens and hears and speaks."
........."And what he hears 
may indeed be quite startling"......
.........Judge not the words that come to you,
but offer them in confidence. 
They are far wiser than your own."

Manual for Teachers - A Course In Miracles volume 3 -
The Foundation for Inner Peace
Photo credit: Mirabai Starr: Author of 'Wild Mercy'