Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Dancing In Their Light

My precious Mother died 4 years ago this day
as my courageous Dad had led the way,
same time and day, 23 years earlier.
They left on the July 5 winters morning.
They met at 3.30am.
Tell me how, and tell me when
they knew this was happening.
Life is a mystery. 
I hear souls whispering.
'We just leave our clothes and float Home'
It is a glorious way, as she heard him say
I am here. I will wait at the gate.
Some know when we pass by,
as they feel the lighter sky.
The lights are soft and the landing is gentle.
There is no such place as far away,
we know where they are today.
In life they lived peacefully
with Love, honour, kindness and respect,
yet, there came to be,
the long loneliness of separation.
Yes. There is Divine Timing.
Yes. There is grace and the paradox of life.
This Honey-eater came,
outside my room this dawn.
It was enjoying spicy nectar
just dancing in their light,
I well remember
this Winter-sweet tree was planted by me.
It first grew in my parents garden,
500 miles from here.
It loves the frost,
embraces the cold and grows slowly.
So this very tree took 27 years to bloom.
It was the 1st of June.
Just 5 weeks before Mum left her room   
July 5, when they did both arrive Home.

Photo: New Holland Honey-eater, native Australian bird
feeding in the Japanese All Spice tree.




Saturday, July 2, 2022

He's A Happy Echidna

This Echidna was crossing a country dirt road,
and my traveler friend was joyous to watch him walking.
"Friend has made it safely to the other side.
He's happy just going wherever he's going" 

Photo credit: Stuart Porteous