Saturday, September 26, 2020

If Ever There Was


If ever there was a bloom to see

it is this plant so gloriously

being beautiful.

If ever here was a gift for you

it is a close-up view

of bright pink buds and pure white flowers,

just being.

Being still.

Bringing sweet and wonderful fragrance

through the fresh air, 

for Dear Hearts everywhere.


(Vibernum carlesii from Korea and blooming today in my garden)


To Bring Bright Light

What if we are here to dance and laugh

to play, to bring romance 

into the gardens, forests and parks

to sing our songs and fly our skies

to find truth and disown lies.


Would you be happy

would you and I smile

would peace be in our hearts

would joy come here with us

would life bring all that is

and ever wants to be living peacefully.

Bring your light and let it Be

a bright sunlight-shining-free.

Bring your heart and open wide

to share your deep embrace with life.

 (Photo credit: Ed-Benjamin Horgan. 2004. Australian Geographic)

 Gouldian finch.  Endangered small bird, Tropical Northern Australia )



Monday, September 21, 2020

Every Way The Wind Blows


The winds of spring are blowing in gale forces.
The rain is pelting down
against the concreted ground.
And all around 'is in the air' 
life seems uncertain everywhere.
I need to understand "where I am heading for"
and then I hear in my ears
"Be silent".  "Just be still"
You will never know unless you go,
"bird by bird" and "step by step",
what might happen next.

God knows that I will wait in faith.

I have been woken up,
while some are sleeping soundly in their beds,
because I feel a presence here
'hovering over me', and being
reassuring, at this time
as we all move, farther down the line.
In these long pandemic ways,
we are learning "day by day". 
Written at 4.30am, September 22, 2020, our Spring Equinox


Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Make A Wish As A Gift From This Dandelion

Today I celebrate my 500th post to Come Blossom Come Fruit.


I have a few seconds of video, this Dandelion in the wind, and the seeds flying are seemingly invisible, but I started with the full wonderful circle for wind dispersion, and now look, we are all out in the world caring for the New Earth.

Thank you for being my friends. Make a Wish as the video plays for 6 seconds.

Blessings and Great Love,

Bee xxxx


Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Who Sits With The Flowering Moss

Soft and gentle was the way
to enter into this spring day,
hard and strong does not belong
where the worms work and live,
where the heart dwells,
where forgiveness brings
blessed peace to sleep.

If I were a bird flying by
I would see the green and know
a landing pad lies below.

I see now, as above so below,
as we live, so we go
further along or to and fro,
rolling over hills or falling off cliffs,
we think and we drift
we sink or we lift
up, to a higher place.

We sit with the mossy bank,
in the forest with the trees.
Be with us please.