Monday, September 21, 2020

Every Way The Wind Blows


The winds of spring are blowing in gale forces.
The rain is pelting down
against the concreted ground.
And all around 'is in the air' 
life seems uncertain everywhere.
I need to understand "where I am heading for"
and then I hear in my ears
"Be silent".  "Just be still"
You will never know unless you go,
"bird by bird" and "step by step",
what might happen next.

God knows that I will wait in faith.

I have been woken up,
while some are sleeping soundly in their beds,
because I feel a presence here
'hovering over me', and being
reassuring, at this time
as we all move, farther down the line.
In these long pandemic ways,
we are learning "day by day". 
Written at 4.30am, September 22, 2020, our Spring Equinox


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