Thursday, August 19, 2021

Colouring Prayers

A little time of something
brings a great love of another.





Saturday, August 14, 2021

Yes Sweetheart

For you Bobby,
many prayers are answered in many ways
and many days I thought 
they were all answered at once,
as helpers came from the unseen worlds
and distant places,
sharing wonderful healing graces.
All light was shining through the darker nights,
so although
I sometimes wonder when we'll go
I always know we are never alone,
and Yes, I know our glorious beating hearts show 
'the only way to go is through'
so I will stay with you.
Written August 14, 2021

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

The Ones With Me

Dear Friends,

This winter here in South Australia,
is leading to Spring with the Jonquils, Daphne, Violets,
Camellias and French Lavender all looking cheerful.
And as I naturally live my life, deeply connected to the flowers,
trees, herbs, weeds and birds,
it is happy news to share that I have started 2 more blogs,
and you can link to them through viewing my Profile
here at my main blog, Come Blossom Come Fruit.
Come Blossom Come Fruit
Pink Love Shining
Fully Faithfully
To Flower Within
The Ones With Me
I intend to share verses from The Ones -
The Masters and Beings of Light, 
Spiritual Masters and my Spirit Guides, Animal, 
plant and nature spirits and benevolent helpers,
seen and unseen - 
instead of compiling a book of selected poems.

Please click on any of my 5 blogs when you view my profile.
Blessings and Peace, Love Bee xo