Friday, February 19, 2021

To See Creatively

While walking by, I came to see,

a high archway to the trees.

The sky so wonderful calls me

to stop, look over, and then just sigh

in odd amazement at the view,

as truly, I tell you,

here, at the ground-level,

there was a field of rusted cars,

so much old wreckage in the long dry grass.


'See Creatively' -

Look up and into 

the painted sky of beauty.

A Place To Be

From where I sit I see
a fruiting lemon tree 
surrounded by blue salvia
and abundant easter-daisy blooms just outside my room.
And here within I bring
the sitting stillness where I am deeply listening.
As you look into my quiet space,
you see this room really has no room at all,
and the sacredness of place
comes from what I feel in my spaciousness within.
So I bring simplicity inside here, 
as I close the door to distractions
and ask myself Who Am I 
I Am a place to be
open to the calm within me.


Thursday, February 18, 2021

The Peace Of Simplicity

It is mid-summer-time

with the heat intense,

so what I give to you this day

is something simple just to say,

'Keep Going'

as the first autumn Crocus

is showing above the ground

and the peace of Alyssum

is all that is all-around.


These simple blessings come

to share with everyone.



Thursday, February 11, 2021

Blue Feather Forever

On this bright sunny day


 the rainbow Rosellas flew away

a brilliant blue feather

was left as a treasure

to share. 


Adelaide Rosellas


 into the small cypress tree

and gobble flower-berries

with the greatest glee.


Saturday, February 6, 2021

The Flowers Know


The flowers know the birds will come.
The feather-light hummingbird,
eastern spine-bill,
feeds on the nectar of 
colourful blue and red Salvias

Red And Blue



there are brilliant blue lilies

in my summer garden,

and humming-birds feeding 

in the crimson Chinese lantern.

I have heard it said,

Birds love blue and red.



She Knows The Story Continues...

"Your strength
is in 
your gentleness"
-  Maiden-hair Fern  -

This is Answer 2,
if any of you
 are following Q &A
 with your flowers each day 

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Hello Koala In Our Irish Strawberry Tree

This morning 

he came to visit Rabbit,

and then decided to stay all day,

just above the ground.

So calm and friendly as you see,

he strolled across the patio garden

and up the Strawberry Tree.