Saturday, June 28, 2014

We Came Together

My dog Bob is telling me 
‘we came together just to be,
we came together as you were guided
to help the both of us accept ourselves and trust’.

We came together at our core, so together we explore
the healing path we now tread,
releasing fears and insecurity,
rejecting rejection for you or me,
as I now know my only way
is total acceptance of myself each day.
The ways of the past will be left behind
as nurturing is wonderfully kind.

Our way forward naturally will be 
drug free for your epilepsy.
The native flower essences
got us through a convulsive time
so here today,
we two know trust and faith will lead us on
to gently live our life long.

I hope indeed the strings of fate
led us through those frightening states
so harmony and calm
will be our way
from the ‘points of tension’ to today
as all along these past four months
we are best friends together
whatever the weather
and all the storms these past two weeks
have blown on through and now will cease
for a time of rest, we passed those tests,
we have a way to accept ourselves
following the threads of opportunity
and feeling trusted, knowingly.

He is 3 years old and indeed deserves stability,
unconditional love and acceptance.
Four months ago today I was lead,
then followed a thread of opportunity
so spontaneously, I adopted him from the animal shelter,
within an hour of him being abandoned there.
He has had very traumatic seizures.
Written with Smiley-Bob on June 28, 2014
This photo 2015. 
Bobby is now 12 y.o. and happy, healthy and no epilepsy, May, 2023

Monday, June 23, 2014

And Your Path Will Then Be Quite Open

But you do not know
and not yet will
be shown what comes until
the way is lit by daffodils
and golden light will beam
across the page and across the leaves
and your path will then be quite open............

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Let This Moment Be The One

Martin Luther King and Thich Nhat Hahn

Are we inside worlds or outside worlds
or the world beyond where we belong
do we walk one way and float another
is there one of us or all other
Is the time just now
our only way to live and say
let this moment be the one
whatever world we are walking through
there is I and me
and you
and we are here to be the most
to share our love from coast to coasts.

(Written on June 11, 2014)

Sunday, June 8, 2014

If That May Have Been A Time In-Between

Sweet Violet light
with gentle scent
wherever you went
I did go
wherever you walked
along so slowly
there in the dell
beneath the trees
was the whisper of love
and the song of the breeze.
There in the shade
of the forest glade
we played
with love at midday
and who is to say
that that was the place
that I wondered if
I would scatter your ashes
if you follow my drift.
If that was a place
in the cold of winter
where warmth became us
and there was none of the splintering
that followed on after,
just mist and colour
and some good fun laughter.

Along we go
and who is to know
if that may have been
a time in between
where love and shade
and sunshine and clouds
have passed over from heaven
and come to me now
as a remembrance of winter
and love in the mist
of the first time I felt
and enjoyed your kiss,
of the heart of the centre
and the beginning to end
when we became less spontaneous
and faith blew in the wind,
as there came the spring
and the summer season dried
all that we knew
and then left behind.
Oh come to the violets,
oh come to the times
when love began on the cold winters night
and times they changed from then onto then
and let’s let go
and begin again….

(Written with a tiny heritage violet flower on June 9, 2014)

Friday, June 6, 2014

The Presence of Precious Poppy

Poppy and POPPY

Now I’m traveling along
and delighted most certain
to now be pain free.
And I am grateful for all
the ways I learned
the guidance and gifts
and some grace that I earned
but now what I see
and know in my heart
my little hound Poppy, was my shining star.

She popped up each morning
and settled each night
her heart was the shining
that kept my world bright
and now as I hear she has ‘entered’ from Spirit
her dear face looking up, and her tail always wagging
and her golden glow
is oh, so,

I treasure my time with my little friend
who took on my pain
to carry it away
and now I feel free
and see
there’s more to this world
than one step, then two
of a shuffling whirl.

She came with a bounce
and so much life
and she left after twelve years
one sunny bright morn
and I must go on, and be not forlorn.
Our animal companions
share all we are
and serve with their love
until they return above
but now she comes occasionally
and I am heartened indeed
to ‘see and be seen’.

(Written May 22, 2014 with The Precious Spirit of Poppy)

Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Heart Of The Flower

The heart of the flower,
the heart of myself,
the call of nature to lead me along
as I travel my pathway and hum a sweet song...

Almost There

Almost there
you are breathing through
and you have healers helping too.
These past few months
seem like a trial
and all along, and all the while
you kept on going
though sometimes slower
but here you are
and here we show
abundance comes
the load will lighten
sun through the clouds
indeed is brighter
and all we want you to do
is keep the faith
when feeling blue.

Your woolly companion,
always by your side,
is all you need
and soon you’ll glide
over every bump and bruise
and tune back into your old muse
always up,
never back,
keep on going along this track.
You have laid the ground where flowers grow
and the healthy Viburnum surely shows
you are a whisperer to animal and plant
and Pansy blue will enchant.

This warmer autumn is a treat,
so rest some days and take a seat.
Never meant to always go
full speed ahead
and by now you know
1 step forward and 1 step back
brings the present, there is no slack
you see the way,
you are on the path
rest today, now, and meditate
the garden blooms, there’s rain on slate
and you are best learning to
breathe each moment and follow through
let all your muscles just relax
full speed ahead is not for you
patience brings the best, at a time
that suits you best
so best you let all else subside
and when it’s time you will glide
like a butterfly on the breeze
rest, just rest
please, yes please.
Breathe every moment in
and let this new cycle bring flowerings.

(Written on May 19, 2014 with Pansy ‘Delta Blue’ flower, on a warm late autumn morning, with May sunshine and showers.)

Developing Trust......On The Winding Path to Dog Whispering

Golden times are coming for you
for being golden when you’re blue,
for being patient and waiting there,
for quietly keeping the faith
as you share
the last 12 weeks of ‘unsettling times’,
when it felt like, through and through,
something was undoing you.
But you kept on caring
and declaring
all will be well, given time
as we relinquish what no longer suits
and wait with care,
and less ‘going’ too,
staying home to be with you.

And come there would be
some ‘settling down’,
when now and then I’d leave the town
and do an errand without you,
to develop more trust
that I’d come through
and you and I would whisper to each other
“I’ll come back, I won’t be long”.
“I’ll wait for you, I’ll do my best”,
we will pass through these separation tests.
So came the day,
the sun was shining,
I drove away for only a few
hours without you.

Oh joy you played with your favourite toy
and ferreted about behind the plants
and all was well, indeed I am
grateful again,
our calm progress was clearly there
and I came back for us to share
a happy playing time
and a ‘sense of achievement’ that
we came through
the months of us, ‘developing trust’

So everyday, we walk, we play,
we listen to each other
and I pray
we advance in dog whispering and listening
and I feel you will
remember I always do return
and you feel calm and content
and we are blessed with companionship.

(Written on May 18, 2014 with Delta Blue Pansy, for my adopted woolly fella Smiley-Bob)
‘Developing Trust’ can be, and is, quite a long process and we are working through separation anxiety with the help of some patient and caring friends.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Here And Now, Here Today

Here and now, here today
I will go another way
with spontaneity leaping in
and where I am
I will begin.

Yes here I am and new times show,
the sun shines through clouds
and old ways go…..
Light it brings a sense I like,
a golden colour
which shines a little brighter now
as the old ways slowly disappear
and I will start this May. This year.
Anytime in anyway
we begin it now
and follow through
in each moment I breathe into.
Bring fresh air
and release insecurity,
bright lime colour
and autumn tones
I have entered a creative zone
where after all these years
I breathe in now
and release old times,
just as they, turn the circle, as winter comes
and hibernation will see me rest
for Spring brings forth a sense of zest.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

My Old Self Is Leaving.....

"I am seeing my Old Self
among the leaves on Autumn’s floor, 
along the way to Heaven’s door."

This was a sleep message I heard yesterday, June 2, 2014) before I was awake. I also saw it lucidly, being written by pencil in a notepad under my pillow.