Thursday, June 5, 2014

Almost There

Almost there
you are breathing through
and you have healers helping too.
These past few months
seem like a trial
and all along, and all the while
you kept on going
though sometimes slower
but here you are
and here we show
abundance comes
the load will lighten
sun through the clouds
indeed is brighter
and all we want you to do
is keep the faith
when feeling blue.

Your woolly companion,
always by your side,
is all you need
and soon you’ll glide
over every bump and bruise
and tune back into your old muse
always up,
never back,
keep on going along this track.
You have laid the ground where flowers grow
and the healthy Viburnum surely shows
you are a whisperer to animal and plant
and Pansy blue will enchant.

This warmer autumn is a treat,
so rest some days and take a seat.
Never meant to always go
full speed ahead
and by now you know
1 step forward and 1 step back
brings the present, there is no slack
you see the way,
you are on the path
rest today, now, and meditate
the garden blooms, there’s rain on slate
and you are best learning to
breathe each moment and follow through
let all your muscles just relax
full speed ahead is not for you
patience brings the best, at a time
that suits you best
so best you let all else subside
and when it’s time you will glide
like a butterfly on the breeze
rest, just rest
please, yes please.
Breathe every moment in
and let this new cycle bring flowerings.

(Written on May 19, 2014 with Pansy ‘Delta Blue’ flower, on a warm late autumn morning, with May sunshine and showers.)

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