Friday, June 6, 2014

The Presence of Precious Poppy

Poppy and POPPY

Now I’m traveling along
and delighted most certain
to now be pain free.
And I am grateful for all
the ways I learned
the guidance and gifts
and some grace that I earned
but now what I see
and know in my heart
my little hound Poppy, was my shining star.

She popped up each morning
and settled each night
her heart was the shining
that kept my world bright
and now as I hear she has ‘entered’ from Spirit
her dear face looking up, and her tail always wagging
and her golden glow
is oh, so,

I treasure my time with my little friend
who took on my pain
to carry it away
and now I feel free
and see
there’s more to this world
than one step, then two
of a shuffling whirl.

She came with a bounce
and so much life
and she left after twelve years
one sunny bright morn
and I must go on, and be not forlorn.
Our animal companions
share all we are
and serve with their love
until they return above
but now she comes occasionally
and I am heartened indeed
to ‘see and be seen’.

(Written May 22, 2014 with The Precious Spirit of Poppy)

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