Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Here And Now, Here Today

Here and now, here today
I will go another way
with spontaneity leaping in
and where I am
I will begin.

Yes here I am and new times show,
the sun shines through clouds
and old ways go…..
Light it brings a sense I like,
a golden colour
which shines a little brighter now
as the old ways slowly disappear
and I will start this May. This year.
Anytime in anyway
we begin it now
and follow through
in each moment I breathe into.
Bring fresh air
and release insecurity,
bright lime colour
and autumn tones
I have entered a creative zone
where after all these years
I breathe in now
and release old times,
just as they, turn the circle, as winter comes
and hibernation will see me rest
for Spring brings forth a sense of zest.

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