Thursday, June 5, 2014

Developing Trust......On The Winding Path to Dog Whispering

Golden times are coming for you
for being golden when you’re blue,
for being patient and waiting there,
for quietly keeping the faith
as you share
the last 12 weeks of ‘unsettling times’,
when it felt like, through and through,
something was undoing you.
But you kept on caring
and declaring
all will be well, given time
as we relinquish what no longer suits
and wait with care,
and less ‘going’ too,
staying home to be with you.

And come there would be
some ‘settling down’,
when now and then I’d leave the town
and do an errand without you,
to develop more trust
that I’d come through
and you and I would whisper to each other
“I’ll come back, I won’t be long”.
“I’ll wait for you, I’ll do my best”,
we will pass through these separation tests.
So came the day,
the sun was shining,
I drove away for only a few
hours without you.

Oh joy you played with your favourite toy
and ferreted about behind the plants
and all was well, indeed I am
grateful again,
our calm progress was clearly there
and I came back for us to share
a happy playing time
and a ‘sense of achievement’ that
we came through
the months of us, ‘developing trust’

So everyday, we walk, we play,
we listen to each other
and I pray
we advance in dog whispering and listening
and I feel you will
remember I always do return
and you feel calm and content
and we are blessed with companionship.

(Written on May 18, 2014 with Delta Blue Pansy, for my adopted woolly fella Smiley-Bob)
‘Developing Trust’ can be, and is, quite a long process and we are working through separation anxiety with the help of some patient and caring friends.

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