Sunday, June 1, 2014

Grieving Is Like Leaving...........

Love In The Mist

Nine years ago today I read your eulogy
and then went into another room
to share a cup of tea.

And all the time along the way
I thought my grief would heal one day,
but although there are shifts and better times,
my heart just circles back to you
and faith helps me to carry through
all these years, occasional visitations,
but always, never another friend like you.

Five years ago you took me to heaven
to show me around,
you said you were sorry for your transgressions
be they big, or small,
and we healed so much
and I came back to continue along
healing myself and to write you a song.

This song with lovely lyrics,
I said I would share one day
and I continued writing in other ways.

But now I feel that cycle ends.
I must be present in my life.
I must heal the fractures,
be less vulnerable,
express myself from my heart
and begin again with a new start.

So as promised
and to continue Pink Love Shining
I will share those lyrical lines
knowing now that I’ve healed in time.
And as always
grieving, is like leaving
never going to arrive
until you do,
you do survive,
as the only way is working through,
casting off until there’s you
now knowing you as you do.

(Written May 13, 2014)

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