Saturday, June 28, 2014

We Came Together

My dog Bob is telling me 
‘we came together just to be,
we came together as you were guided
to help the both of us accept ourselves and trust’.

We came together at our core, so together we explore
the healing path we now tread,
releasing fears and insecurity,
rejecting rejection for you or me,
as I now know my only way
is total acceptance of myself each day.
The ways of the past will be left behind
as nurturing is wonderfully kind.

Our way forward naturally will be 
drug free for your epilepsy.
The native flower essences
got us through a convulsive time
so here today,
we two know trust and faith will lead us on
to gently live our life long.

I hope indeed the strings of fate
led us through those frightening states
so harmony and calm
will be our way
from the ‘points of tension’ to today
as all along these past four months
we are best friends together
whatever the weather
and all the storms these past two weeks
have blown on through and now will cease
for a time of rest, we passed those tests,
we have a way to accept ourselves
following the threads of opportunity
and feeling trusted, knowingly.

He is 3 years old and indeed deserves stability,
unconditional love and acceptance.
Four months ago today I was lead,
then followed a thread of opportunity
so spontaneously, I adopted him from the animal shelter,
within an hour of him being abandoned there.
He has had very traumatic seizures.
Written with Smiley-Bob on June 28, 2014
This photo 2015. 
Bobby is now 12 y.o. and happy, healthy and no epilepsy, May, 2023

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