Sunday, June 1, 2014

Perhaps A Singing Bird Will Come


A week ago a Rosella came
in the early dawn, for me to see
and landed in the Camellia tree
outside my window
what a surprise
before my eyes
but even more
it came even closer to explore
the small Rosemary bush
in sparse mauve flower
and sat awhile
though not, an hour.

Another message from spirit world
another proverb proving true
as you see me, and I see you.
So here it is,
again I’ll say
“Keep a green tree by your window and perhaps a singing bird will come”
or a wonderful, colourful native one,
landing in the exotic plants
to keep the faith
and enhance
my spirits in that memorial hour
when nine years ago, your lifetime passed what was known,
then Rosella shows the years have flown
and never far have you roamed.

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