Thursday, March 31, 2022

Did The Whistler Sing In Spring?

When grief is deep
so I myself miss much sleep,
I, with great joy do share
the natural thrill I feel, knowing that,
the little Whistlers shared the 'Keeper Tree'
and built a nest, just above
your ashes scattered with our love.
I know I am 'a sensitive'
and somewhat strange in the mundane world
but here in nature, with this nest,
I know I am led to all that's best
inspiring me to talk with trees, as you see
it is the 'little things' that delight me.
(Written March 30, 2022) 

See 'Come Blossom Come Fruit'
"Where The Whistler Was'  my post on January 14, 2020,
after wildfires burnt this forest place,
and one small whistler 'responded' to my despair
so I wrote of this, as a call to share
with you Dear Friends and all who care. 

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

I Came To See Your Keeper Tree

Although your Keeper-tree mountain gum
was not as it used to be,
I found it showing greenery.

There were black sticks in hard dry ground
and in the twigs, just off the ground,
against the trunk I found,
a grass nest, with a tiny hollow entrance.
Also what a joy to see wattle seedlings,
and a small maidenhair fern waiting for rain.
I will come again, in a day or two with photos for you.


Tuesday, March 29, 2022


Just seeing you shining brightly 
fills my heart
with luminosity and contentment to simply Be 
admiring your community.

Purple Autumn Crocus

Friday, March 18, 2022

Home In Our Hearts

When is home in our hearts?
Some homes are like poetry
where the heart is held fondly
where Love is present and peace sits still
where contentment lives and comfort rests
where all around our nature dwells,
the living faith, the real and true,
to call us back and lead us through
to the Higher Home we all go to.


Thursday, March 17, 2022

What The Honey Bees Told Me

What these honey bees told me:
You see us choosing flowers
collecting honey for our hive,
but there are other reasons we come by.
These faded pink Yarrow blooms,
are our 'tonic-rooms',
where we find reprieve on a hot day.
Herbs are our healing plants
to 'lift us up'.
You know Yarrow 'speeds the compost'.
and also boosts the 'bee-safe-return-to-shelter'
as 'we get a buzz' and hum along
bringing the honey home.

Monday, March 14, 2022

These Pink Petals Know


Yes these pink petals 'know' as they grow!
What the colourful Cosmos says to me is:
Grow tall and scatter more seeds of joy
to radiate past old gates
and times suspended like birds in flight,
after awakening from the cold dark night
and looking over the mountain-side
to decide,
whether to flap or fly, breathe or glide
into this autumn day,
where lately, life takes my breath away.
I breathe less.
This is not a sustainable way
to continue life or live each day,
so Cosmos radiance has just told me,
"All the seeds you gather must be scattered
with every breeze, to bring colourful joy to see."
This summer of recovery has given time for me
to photograph this rare plant
and share here with you,
- The life cycle - 
where 100 seeds of 'radiance'
grow tall to find the sun
and radiate the power of 8 simple, shining petals, 
to be a view I share with you.

I will breathe the beauty,
gather seeds with every faith
that you all will see them flowering too.


Sunday, March 13, 2022

Encircle Us In Faith and Trust

My story could be anyone's story,
my pictures are free to see, 
I feel slow, as I go, over unsteady ground,
but inside the times, we are all riding storms,
and nothing normal seems to be,
but we pray for Faith and Trust to encircle us, 
like a sunflower bud and her leaves.
(Written February 20, 2022)

Thursday, March 10, 2022

Growing Mauve Sunflowers

Mauve sunflowers are rare blooms
and where I live among the trees,
in a cloudy hills region, was indeed an uphill plan.
I began by ordering 20 precious seeds,
prepared the soil, covered the area to keep it warm,
sang some songs, and watched every day.
Yes everyday!

Wait, just wait.
Through cold and rain and hail, there was disappointment.
It took months and months and 4 seeds survived!
But I was alive to capture photos.
Many, many. Here are just a few.
And now I know, Sunflowers grow
abundantly in fields of Summer-sunshine.
The winner this year was Cosmos 'radiance'.
Also rare, 
so I will share fabulous photos of these pink flowers. 
Now, the tiny hopping-mouse is coming for Cosmos seeds!

I See You Your Beauty Blooming

Mauve Sunflower,
I see you blooming in the morning sunshine, 
looking so divine.
I greet you with great gratitude.
Your rare beauty
brightens my heart with higher light.
You are indeed a wonderful sight. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Oh Welcome! Oh Joy!

Oh Joy! Oh Joy! A delight to see!
Eastern Rosellas bathing openly.
We greet the new dawning every morning,
so if like me, you love to see
birds beside the window,
just know, all you need do
is welcome them, with a safe watering place,
then wait. Just wait. 
They will come to know, and come to see,
your inviting place amongst the trees.
We all sing the one song.
All we need is to belong,
to be welcomed,
to be safe,
to have a sacred peaceful space,
So Create. 
Then invite, the beautiful ones with wings
to come and sing.

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Be The Peace You Want To See

"Be the Peace you want to see"
Thich Nhat Hanh
 Lions Roar Buddhist Journal, Canada

A Little Bird Told Me

A little bird told me
to listen to the wind.

To breathe quietly in the trees  
and when there comes a gentle breeze,
sing your song, 
and you will see where to fly, 
and safely know the way to go.


Photo: Superb Blue Wren. Australian Geographic