Thursday, March 31, 2022

Did The Whistler Sing In Spring?

When grief is deep
so I myself miss much sleep,
I, with great joy do share
the natural thrill I feel, knowing that,
the little Whistlers shared the 'Keeper Tree'
and built a nest, just above
your ashes scattered with our love.
I know I am 'a sensitive'
and somewhat strange in the mundane world
but here in nature, with this nest,
I know I am led to all that's best
inspiring me to talk with trees, as you see
it is the 'little things' that delight me.
(Written March 30, 2022) 

See 'Come Blossom Come Fruit'
"Where The Whistler Was'  my post on January 14, 2020,
after wildfires burnt this forest place,
and one small whistler 'responded' to my despair
so I wrote of this, as a call to share
with you Dear Friends and all who care. 

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