Monday, March 14, 2022

These Pink Petals Know


Yes these pink petals 'know' as they grow!
What the colourful Cosmos says to me is:
Grow tall and scatter more seeds of joy
to radiate past old gates
and times suspended like birds in flight,
after awakening from the cold dark night
and looking over the mountain-side
to decide,
whether to flap or fly, breathe or glide
into this autumn day,
where lately, life takes my breath away.
I breathe less.
This is not a sustainable way
to continue life or live each day,
so Cosmos radiance has just told me,
"All the seeds you gather must be scattered
with every breeze, to bring colourful joy to see."
This summer of recovery has given time for me
to photograph this rare plant
and share here with you,
- The life cycle - 
where 100 seeds of 'radiance'
grow tall to find the sun
and radiate the power of 8 simple, shining petals, 
to be a view I share with you.

I will breathe the beauty,
gather seeds with every faith
that you all will see them flowering too.


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