Friday, November 26, 2021

A Call To Healing


All healing on the deepest level
comes from Self-acceptance, rest, faith and grace.
When we call Grace into our lives
and surrender our healing to the Creative,
will the cells of the body begin replenishing.
And when we respect and honor ourselves,
by actually
following through with radical self-care,
then, we turn the corner
to heal our hearts, and heal our lives.

By creating what we love
and, being our sensitive selves,
we are then, deeply expressing our emotions,
and hopefully, gradually relieving some repressed,
suppressed, or often hidden feelings
in gentle and healing ways...
The healing comes with sincere, gradual 
and humble expression of our deepest truth.

Flowering Tea-Tree - Australian native shrub
May assist digestion, and emotional equilibrium

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

The Lost Handwritten Illustrated Poem

Haunted by the poetry,
why take the gift you gave to me?

All but one line of promises vanished then,
when, you were calling me to see 
far away to halcyon days.
The haunting may come again after the rain,
or, the sun will shine as the mists decline.
So the choice I see is to let it be
a mystery.


Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Velvet Petals

Now I live in treasured spaces within.
I glow in radiance with the flowers.
I like the lightness of the day, as in my life I say:

Both joy and sorrow travel this path with heart
and so we grow expressing the inner Self 
we have come to know.

Be soft, be gentle, be tender and kind
Rest your heart in velvet petals.


Saturday, November 13, 2021

Roses Are Red, Eyes Are Blue

He came as a lovely 'visitation',
dressed up and neatly shaven, 
never ever did he look this calm
as when he touched my arm
and slid beside me on a street-cafe bench-seat.
They say you know when grace arrives.
You hear the words singing through 
the silent lift of spirit surrounding you.
And then his face was very close.
His shirt was the white linen best,
that one he wore, when he was laid to rest.
He looked so well, his eyes were blue.
I looked into his face and said,
You are not dead?!
I remained still. I was so happy to see him.
Then, the last lingering vision,
was that these new-blue eyes 
were wearing?
the wonderfully white linen shirt!
With the 'knowing' of mourning,
this joy will be within me.


Monday, November 8, 2021

Now She Flies In Higher Skies

My feathered friend has flown away:
she went suddenly this sunny day
as in my palm she lay so soft and warm.
I sang a song the lilies know.....
she flies in higher skies.



Come on the door is open for you
come over, come through.
The light is lit
the fire is warm
the days are longer
the sun shines now
so make the trip in coming days
as there are ways just waiting.
You have the faith
you know your place
you lead in ways that will relay
a sense of peace and timing
just some small words you innocently say
that will help in healing ways.......
The magpie still calls from the tree
his haunting song brings memories
but all is well he sees afar,
into the distance from where you are.