Friday, November 10, 2023

What Am I To Do?

If I would be like this tree
displaying glorious green potential,
so very many seeds to share
everywhere the breeze is blowing
all the while knowing
there is great goodness.
Like a tree, I would be
growing every day
sharing a peaceful place to rest
knowing all of us are blessed 
to be 
connecting deeply to Infinity.
I see the tree, the tree sees me.
I whisper quietly,
What am I to do?
And so we see
my way to connect today
is to share the seeds that I have seen
and say, trust the trees you pass by
will give more shelter for our birds
and generously lighten many hearts.
Bless the trees. Bless all the trees.
Bless all the birds.
Be a growing seed. Start wherever you are.
Be a welcoming heart.

Photo: the Boxelder-Maple tree, acer negunda