Sunday, December 15, 2019


I see you there
with the light dancers
your healing aura shines,
 your 'tonic' tea
strengthens me emotionally
so just being 
here in your growing space
lifts my soul
to a place of grace.

Pink Yarrow:Achillea millefolium var rubra

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Calling All Earth Weavers

As 2020 soon will be
calling all to clarity
calling all
to rise with constancy
to enrich our lives
to help others raise their eyes
to come together
to heal the earth with all our hearts
to open joy
to go within
to share our love
as greetings sail on the breeze
as prayer flags flutter through the trees
as feathered ducks float on the lake
as sunshine ripens corn
and all around
above, below and through the sky
let our creativity blossom
to weave the ribbons joining all
as we awaken, expand and gently see
the only way for us to be
living in a better world
is when we plant our seeds in fertile soil
water them with salty tears
and share new growth each present year.

Lifting The Lady

Just now I look to see
Miranda with the lady
passing through the fairy field
looking for white Christmas Lilies
to fill a vase in the home
to bring precious scent to life
wafting-in from the past
where lilies grow and always last
where the love comes in buds
where the joy fills each space
from Heaven to our Christmas town
may all above and all around
carry her gently by
as carols lift our evening light.

Miranda hums through the oleanders
she sings our shepherd hymns
she carries treasures up the stairs
she shares pleasure by caring
for those known before
and all creatures in the valley
with melodies to set them free
whispering hope as candles flicker
lifting spirits high to shine
greeting all with Love Divine.

Blessings Love and Peace to All

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Who Calls You Beautiful

Looking for mirth and beauty
and finding you calling all the butterflies,
and singing-in the bees
while being a sweetly scented beautiful weeping tree.

"I came so far for beauty,
I left so much behind
My patience and my family
My masterpiece unsigned." 
Leonard Cohen & John Lissaur - "Came So Far For Beauty"

"Recent Songs" Album, 1979 CBS

Friday, November 15, 2019

Seeing The Jasmine Star

Oh there you are
the pure Jasmine Christmas Star 
I am looking closely
treading softly, humming quietly.

Every day is new,
every song sings through
every breath is you and me
every choice comes instantly.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

The Bells Of Life Itself

As I go forth on this spring day
I look around and hear you say.........
Go Forward
Plant the seeds
Listen Deeply and lead the way
into the light of bright sunshine
into the grapes growing on vines
into the lands where fires are burning
into your heart where all is yearning
to break free
to leave past history
and call to all to open your hearts
and lift the spirits of withered souls
lend a hand and share your gold
know the earth is calling us
know the creatures too do call to you
bring your essence, share your soul
ease the pain, reduce the toll.
Give all peace, release, release, release
and pray for goodness on the breeze.

Saturday, November 2, 2019

In The Going Came The Way

The frangipani shines today so I look and say
You are Superb.
You, sweet precious, fill my heart
and that is where I start to say
I wish you'd never gone away
your love is with me everyday.

Your gentle way was lost.
We all regret the end,
when the beginning promised more
but shiny brochures were lies upon the lies,
the 'undoing' of you and I
who cried for help
who cried for care
who cried even being there.
But there we were,
me in the beginning and you in the ending
and yet, in a most startling way
it brought us to our unity,
you and I and me, 'undoing' all for liberty.

You came from bud with the color of brightest gold
and yet so many days go by
before you find we must both go away
to begin again.

We fade in those days.
We sit in the sun
and mellow to a softer shade
and in the everglade of trees we soften more,
become subdued, 
give our most and share our essence 
but where are we?

When we went we fell away.
So as days passed 
we lost our petals in broken-heartedness.
We heard them say
we love you,
but you must go away
so you will have caring everyday.

Another petal falls to earth
it takes eternity to understand
un-learning was the only plan.
For finding you, begin again.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

The Little Tenor

Here come the blossoms
seen today
after the wildest winds
nearly blew them away.

I have not yet seen
 a leprechaun
in this lemon tree
but truly you and me
 do know
little helpers come and so
nine lemons did grow
through the winter season
when juicy fruit warmed our hearts
with much delight
 in each surprise
there before our eyes.

This is for Leslye 

 The Little Tenor,
 after 6 years,
is the tree singing
or is the leprechaun bringing
the fruits
 as proof of life?

See comments October 24, 2019


Friday, October 25, 2019

So Marvellous Indeed To See These Birds

Image Credit: Martin Willis/Minden Pictures 
 Australian Geographic June 2009

Happy National Bird Week, October 2019

This pair of endangered
 Gouldian finches
 found in The Kimberley,
 Western Australia

- o O o -

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Lead Kindly Light

Yes I look deeply at the flowers
I listen to their whispers
and I cherish every bloom
I gather for my room.

And as every season
 comes and goes
I love to share my joy
and even if I only send
a photograph to a friend,
the bloom will sing
and everything will be shining.

What I share with you today
is this absorbing Lilac Light
which called me over
like a distant star
 guiding and lifting my day
each petal in the beauty way.

To be with Lilac is for me
the greatest joy
the softest smile
the gentle blessing as I pass by
fills my heart and scents the sky,
so as there is an angel singing
I hope my words
will boost the bringing
of this simple star
from over here to where you are.

May kindly light be with you.

May you feel some comfort
and know how flowers 
have the answer to the question.
 In quiet times
 all things come to pass,
may you know peace in your heart.

-o O o -

All These Treasures To Share

This very morning
with a bright blue dawning
as Spring sings so perfectly
every wish came to me.

 Scents drift on the breeze
as I gather delicious blooms
and bring them to my room.

So gloriously
 joy is with me.
Honeysuckle sings
and all I wish to do
is share all of this with you.

- o O o -

Friday, October 11, 2019

Soft Lamp Lighting The Way

What a delightful vision
you are 
lighting the path
along the way
as I rest presently
here today beside you.
Were you there in Assisi
lighting the path
and greeting the monks
at the chapel door?
Tell me more.
In all the world
could we ever count
the colors of green to be seen
 around the brown of the olden days.
This is my first vision of you
Italian Arum Lily bloom.
Do please stay.
 Did you hear the thrush today,
  whistling through
 this morning dew to welcome you?

Now I will sing
 in my own quiet way
for the joy of bird songs
in the garden today.
- o O o -


Sunday, October 6, 2019

For Love Of Trees

We came for the trees
after lives
 of never thriving,
we came alive
we walked the hills
we lay in grass
and planted the fields
but there was always
always leaving.

And this continued.
More walking
through forests
and over mountains,
the quiet times
the longing
the yearning
the creation
the separation,
the seemingly endless

But here today
as the lilacs bloom
 under the cloudy sky
I know why
the charity of sweet fragrance
fills my heart
with calm,
with peace
beneath the trees,
the magpie flies above
and now it is my time
to find the way every day.

God knows
where you are
and I know I am with him.

'God goes with me where ever I am.'
Trees grow
 where they are planted
birds fly
 across the sky
and sing each day.

A bird is heard
whenever we are listening.
I am listening now,
I am here now.

We came to be with the trees.
This understanding
shines the light through me.

Lesson 41:
"God goes with me wherever I go"
A Course In Miracles
Foundation For Inner Peace

- o O o -

Lilac, Lovely Lilac

The mist drifts
through this strange day
you lift
you bloom
you fill the room
with the sweetest song
we all belong
to one wide world
and one bright day
and here we are in every way
singing our souls back home
this present hour
because you are a lovely flower. 

For Bernice, Beryl, Amy, Myrtle and May

Saturday, October 5, 2019

We Curve And Grow And Know

I am still.
It is there, in the silence
I hear everything.

Inner knowing
Trees growing
I am open
I remain there.

It is within me
as timelessly as a tree.

- o O o -