Sunday, December 8, 2019

Lifting The Lady

Just now I look to see
Miranda with the lady
passing through the fairy field
looking for white Christmas Lilies
to fill a vase in the home
to bring precious scent to life
wafting-in from the past
where lilies grow and always last
where the love comes in buds
where the joy fills each space
from Heaven to our Christmas town
may all above and all around
carry her gently by
as carols lift our evening light.

Miranda hums through the oleanders
she sings our shepherd hymns
she carries treasures up the stairs
she shares pleasure by caring
for those known before
and all creatures in the valley
with melodies to set them free
whispering hope as candles flicker
lifting spirits high to shine
greeting all with Love Divine.

Blessings Love and Peace to All

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