Monday, May 28, 2018

Beautiful Blooms For You

Oh Joy!
Comes the sweet
 golden honeysuckle,
and one or two
delightfully fragrant
 happy petals for you.

With winter almost here
these cheerful blooms
fill my room

I share this beauty,
this glorious scent
received with
 great full-ness.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Joy Springs From The Well Within

Joy is shining.
Comes this day, comes the new,
sweet Lovely Dear One
you are renewed.

The past was a long road,
the load was immense,
your loving heart
was lifted by angels,
your body was full of light,
even when you knew it was
a long dark-night.

I see you now
singing and dancing,
beaming brightly
as we all unite
expanding all joy
 with smiling delight.

Blessings, Peace and Love To All

Thursday, May 24, 2018

And Then I Will Leave You To Rest

I see you weathered ones
as the wind has blown
and your day is done
or not.

 you just landed
 on the window sill
to rest a while until
the breeze
leads you
 gently through
 another day or two
before the soil
 covers you
for sleep.

 compost comes
to nourish the trees
as this season of autumn leaves.
Liquidambar and Manchurian Pear Tree Leaves

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Passing By

When driving through Summertown
I see two trees
and hear the whisper
'why are you 
just passing through?'

How do we know
where it is we stay a while,
who may need a passing smile,
who may need a greeting card
or a cheery phone call on a cold, cold day.
Could not we delay?
Our travels are more than just one day.

Who goes there
and why?
Who stays there for a lifetime?
Do we linger only long enough
to buy raspberries and ice-cream.
Is not there more to be seen?

Stop the car
and walk
 the length of a long, long road.
Sit beside the grape vines
and wonder when
will be the time
to search
 more around these hills
a little place with a grassy field
calls you over to rest in clover.

Strawberry clover
strawberries in Summer time.
Timely and sublime.

- o O o -

Monday, May 21, 2018

A Rosy Posy For You

Here is a radiant
rosy posy
so calm
so beautifully happy
sharing joy
fragrance to breathe
beauty to see
inspiration to be
growing true
renewing you.

Rose Geranium blooming out of season -

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Bridging Between

When the nights are cold
and the mist is silent,
Autumn is delighted 
just to be 
shining brilliantly.

Looking like a welcome fire,
I am always heartened 
when comes the May
as Viburnum carlesi
shows wondrous beauty
with a deep display
of picture-book colour
 for you today.

She grows slowly and welcomes frost.

Comes the Spring
sweet fragrance brings
honey birds and humming bees 
to this glorious tree
that continues to be 
alive and well, thankfully.

So Happy Birthday to you
my Apple Isle friend,
and remembrance
I also send
to the other side
where my sad friend went
who loved the delicate spicy scent.

Blessings, Love and Peace

Friday, May 11, 2018

Under The Oak Tree

May I sit with you a little while
and receive renewal
from your green smile.

May I know each day
whatever arises
will pass
and whatever passes
will come to be
a way of learning for me.

May I breathe fresh air
in the mountain stillness
and allow myself the space to be
knowing clarity.

May I grow the herbs
and harvest the fruit,
may I shine within
and know there is
peace to be with me.

May I pick some blooms
and sing with flowers,
may I live simply
and treasure hours,
quietly knowing
life is growing all around me.


Saturday, May 5, 2018


I see your light beaming
though the morning

Yes I see more 
than ever before.
Yes I am very willing
to expand my view of you.
To allow you to see 
within me.

There is more
than ever before,
quietly present
in simple ways,
where we walk everyday.

I call to you
follow through.

Look deeply 
to truly love.

Let every plant
light your way.
Ask for guidance on your path.

Let leaves light your every step
and life will bless
 your every breath.

Have awareness of all there is.

Welcome beauty into quiet places.

Breathe love into open spaces.

Contemplate with loving kindness
Be open to real aliveness.

Blessings be
to the seen
and to the unseen.
To where we are
and where we have been.
And most especially
to this eternal Now.

- oOo -